Video: Feedback: Ep. 12 with Rae Spoon

Recently, Consequence of Sound/Cluster 1 teamed up with Side B to deliver an exclusive (and highly intimate) interviews series called Feedback. With our first joint piece focusing on indie up-and-comer Cults, we now turn the spotlight toward female-to-male transgender recording artist Rae Spoon.

Originally hailing from Calgary, AB, Spoon has been making his own brand of unique indie folk (with recent forays into infusing bits of electronica) over the last decade. While Spoon’s reach may be minimal stateside, his native country seems to adore him, leading to his 2008 album Superioryouareinferior being longlisted for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize. In the clip, Spoon speaks on a number of issues, most importantly his growth and development as a transgendered artist and experiences in the staunchly heteronormative musical landscape.

Check out the video below, or head over to Cluster 1. Then, take a gander at Spoon’s video for the song “There Is A Light (But It’s Not For Everyone)”. Spoon’s latest album, Love Is A Hunter, is available now.

Feedback: Ep. 12 with Rae Spoon

“There Is A Light (But It’s Not For Everyone)”


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