Video: Gang of Four – “Who Am I?”

With Gang of Four‘s latest music video for “Who Am I?”, the UK-based post-punk outfit abandoned the straight-forward performance pieces of past clips for “Never Pay For the Farm” and “It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good” and went with something far more artsy.

Directed by band member Andy Gill, the video originally began with two concepts. According to Gills, the first was a clip filled with “images that were fractured into many misaligned mini images, which in a way parallels the lyrical idea of ’Who Am I?’.” The second involved creating “a narrative history loosely based on the characters in the song — pilgrim fathers, gamblers, cripples and dead men.” Like so many other facets of life, compromise was king, and the end result is ultimately a mighty hodge-podge of both themes. Who are we? A little disorientated, that’s who.

Check out the video below (courtesy of Gang of Four’s latest album, Content, is out now.


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