Video: No Cover Season 1

Cluster 1’s first-ever original series, No Cover, just wrapped up its first season. Below, we have a widget featuring all of this season’s episodes, including the just-posted two-part finale. Check it out.

Modeled after hit shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, and Arrested Development, No Cover is a “single-camera comedy” told in short four-minute episodes. Written and directed by our own Ted Maider and Scott Robert Waldvogel, the series tells the story of Marshall (Trevor Marcotte) and his spontaneous roommate Randy (Kevin Waldvogel) as they combine forces to form a rock band. Dealing with their own creative differences, and the hazards of being new to the scene, the duo, along with their wacky manager David (Scott Robert Waldvogel), his assistant manager Kelsey (Michelle Hawkins), a perpetually intoxicated bassist (Tyler Vocelka), and a drummer with a chip on his shoulder (Jay Bee), set out toward rock and roll fame; that is, if they don’t get in their own way first.

Stay tuned for season two of No Cover, which will be here before you know it.


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