Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers perform seven songs from I’m With You


red hot chili peppers im with you Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers perform seven songs from Im With You

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ forthcoming LP I’m With You spans 14 tracks. During their recent live performances, the band has previewed at least seven of ’em, and you can check out the corresponding live clips below (via stadium-arcadium). In other breaking news, Anthony Keider has yet to shave the porn stash.

I’m With You hits stores and movie theaters on August 30th via Warner Bros. Records.

“Monarchy of Roses”

“Factory of Faith”


“Look Around”

“The Adventures of Raindance Maggie”

“Goodbye Horray” (scroll to 2:55 mark)

“Meet Me at the Corner”

I’m With You Tracklist:
01. Monarchy of Roses
02. Factory of Faith
03. Brendan’s Death Song
04. Ethiopia
05. Annie Wants a Baby
06. Look Around
07. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
08. Did I Let You Know
09. Goodbye Hooray
10. Happiness Loves Company
11. Police Station
12. Even You Brutus?
13. Meet Me at the Corner
14. Dance, Dance, Dance