Video: STS – “Cliché”

STS follows up last week’s release of his debut LP, The Illustrious, with a music video for The Knux-produced track “Cliché”. As its title so wonderfully foreshadows, the clip begins in a boring YXE frat party in Somewhere, USA, where it’s so white and stuffy you can cut the AXE body spray-infused air with a knife. That is, however, until STS himself hits the party and things get really bumpin’ a la Animal House (complete with character epilogues). Really makes us wish we could go back to spending $10,000 a year to make friends, study basket weaving or Sociology, and shower in flip-flops. Check it out below.

The Illustrious is available as a free download via the rapper’s website. You can also stream the album in full here.


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