Check Out: Röyksopp – “Shores of Easy”

At least of late, Norwegian dance duo Röyksopp have kept at a one album a year pace (Junior in 2009 and Senior in 2010). Commendable productivity aside, unless they unveil some out-of-left-field plans, 2011 may very well pass without a new Röyksopp record.

However, that doesn’t mean the pair aren’t busy making new music. The outfit recently unveiled through their official site a new track called “Shores of Easy”. Performed only once before during a March in-studio appearance for KCRW, the chilled out number is best listened to, according to the group, at the “borderline state between being awake and being asleep – the state where everything seems possible.”

The band also noted that the track “is not indicative of things to come…” Maybe waiting isn’t all that bad after all, folks.

Röyksopp – “Shores Of Easy”


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