Lil Wayne’s 25 Most WTF Lyrics

Photo by Mark C. Austin

It’s sort of a confusing time for Lil Wayne fans what with the MC’s long-awaited Tha Carter IV getting less-than-stellar reviews. Logic used to hold that when a new chapter in Tha Carter series dropped, it would immediately change the game. Sadly, that’s not the case, and we as fans and chroniclers of Tunechi have to live in this brave new world where Wayne may really not be the Best Rapper Alive.

But don’t fret, truly faithful Wayne-lytes, for it doesn’t have to be a time of sorrow. Instead, we can take this downtime to appreciate the Weezy we know and love by looking into his back catalogue and mining up some gems to make us remember why we loved the sizzurp-drinking Martian in the first place. That reason isn’t his talents on the mic (though he has that in spades), nor is it the sheer number of his releases (though that figure is staggering) or his loads of charisma that abounds each time he drops a verse. No, what we love most about Weezy F. Baby is how unbelievably and undeniably crazy he is. And not like, “He’s so crazy; he parties like ALL day.” We mean, “He’s legitimatley in need of some kind of psychiatric treatment.”

Don’t believe us? The proof is in our list of the 25 Most WTF Lil Wayne Lyrics. From his debut album Tha Block Is Hot all the way up to Tha Carter IV, we’ve logged the very best instances of Wayne’s lyrical insanity. From the unintelligible to the just plain weird, these are concrete proof that when Wayne opens his mouth, kooky shit follows. But don’t consider this a condemnation of the MC. Instead, we look at these offerings as proof of what makes Lil Wayne truly unique and, hands down, one of the best in the game. It’s also a way to understand the shift that occurred in Tha Carter IV and get a sense of where Wayne may be headed next.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy what we think defines Wayne’s complete disconnect with reality. Oh, and here’s hoping for much more with Tha Carter V.

– Chris Coplan,
News Editor


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