Mastodon plots Augmented Reality experience for The Hunter

Thanks to bone-crushing tracks and some creepy album art, Georgia metal lords Mastodon made it clear that their upcoming LP, The Hunter, would be a real trip. Turns out, though, that was only half the story.

In the video below, Los Angeles-based tech company Total Immersion outlines the Augmented Reality experience they created with the band. While we could get all technological on y’all, in short, a limited edition album package comes with footage that, when viewed through the album cover, activates the experience. We can’t say for sure what that experience will be, but the safe bet’s on that it’ll be frightening.

Pre-order the Augmented Reality-featuring package here. Want another kind of experience? Check the band out live this fallThe Hunter hits stores September 27th via Reprise Records.

The Hunter Tracklist:
01. Black Tongue
02. Curl Of The Burl
03. Blasteroid
04. Stargasm
05. Octopus Has No Friends
06. All The Heavy Lifting
07. The Hunter
08. Dry Bone Valley
09. Thickening
10. Creature Lives
11. Spectrelight
12. Bedazzled Fingernails
13. The Sparrow


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