Quoteworthy: Wayne Coyne on The Flaming Lips’ six-hour song

“The best way that we can describe the sound of it is, it’s like the Velvet Underground meets Super Mario Brothers. And if you’ve ever played the Mario Brothers game or it you’ve had it on in he background, you could listen to a Mario Brothers type video game forever because its kind of just ‘do do do do do la ta da ta da.’ It’s not real intense, and it’s not going anywhere.”

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne tells RollingStone.com what we can expect from the band’s upcoming six-hour long song. If that’s not enough of a selling point, Coyne also added that the song “is being released in conjunction with this weird little strobe light toy. He continued: “Part of my reasoning is that I wanted there to be some type of music that you could play while you played with this toy –  you spin this little disc, and it has these little animations on it that kind of come to life when you put this strobe light on it. And you could play with it for .” Well, at least it’s more hands on than the gummy fetus.


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