Top 10 mp3s of the Week (9/16)


Consequence of Sound turns four years-old today, which in internet years is about seven decades. Quick, without looking, can you name two songs on last week’s Top 10 list? One song? See I barely got two off the top of my head. Things move quick and yesterday’s Lana Del Ray quibbling is tomorrow’s Lana Del Who? I’m always in search for a song that can withstand more than a day, or a week, or maybe the golden song that I can listen to for a year straight. I’m still waiting for that perhaps unattainable 365 day half-life to be ascribed to a tune, but you never know, maybe it’ll be one of these songs here like Thee Oh See’s brilliant new track or that Twin Shadow rearrangement of an early 80’s Italian-disco track. Who’s got a year-long track so far this year, or in internet years, 100 lifetimes?

-Jeremy D. Larson
Content Director 


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