Top 10 Videos of the Week (9/15)


c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (9/15)

It’s amazing to see how many videos can come out in a week. Back in the day, MTV used to premiere one video at a time and each time it was a big deal. Sometimes entire hours of programming were centered around the premieres of videos. Nowadays, dozens of music videos go live every single day, and it can be easy to miss some of the coolest ones. Luckily, you have Cluster 1 dishing out the goods, and keeping you in check with the best music videos of the week.

And don’t forget, we want to see your videos as well, so remember to submit them so the airwaves can keep raging.

Aeroplane Pageant – “Brief Confessions of a Bear”

This video is as weird and surreal as it could get. By combining catchy electro-pop with random 16mm footage, you get this Aeroplane Pageant music video. Some of the footage shows a man by the ocean, other footage reveals strange dudes in the woods playing in bear costumes. Either way, there is little to understand here, other than that the weirdest shit makes good art.


As time has gone on animation has become darker and darker. Maybe kids are getting more evil, or maybe animators are getting more twisted, but whatever the case, Alma will scare the shit out of you. Just imagine being a child and going doll shopping on your own. Sounds exciting, right? Until you get your soul taken by the dolls!

Astronautalis – “Measure the Globe” (Live)

Astronautalis goes to a barbershop armed only with himself, Ceschi Ramos, and an acoustic guitar. He lights the place up. While Astronautalis is usually known for his strange breed of hip hop, he sings a soft folk song here for those getting their hair done. The scene is very candid, but that doesn’t stop the rapper from getting emotional with the song and belting out the words.

Cut Copy – “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution”

In true Planet of the Apes fashion, Cut Copy assembles a group of Earth’s finest future beings for a cave party. While the ape-humans can’t make the music themselves, it comes in handy that they have the heads and hands of Cut Copy stored away. By using the body parts, the gorillas are able to dance the night away without missing the revolution.

Fionn Regan – “100 Acres of Sycamore”

Teamed up with the sounds of an acoustic guitar and the natural world, artist Fionn Regan plays his folk gem “100 Acres of Sycamore”. The performance is especially crisp, and professional, but at the same time seems very candid. It’s almost as though we are witnessing the artist practicing in the park, which in some ways, is almost more unique than a professional performance.

Kid Cudi – “Mr. Rager”

This week, Kid Cudi channeled his inner “the One”. With “Mr. Rager”, Kid Cudi finds himself in a dark building, as evil dwellers close in around him. His only response is to fight back, busting out karate, and doing gymnastics off the walls. Will Cudi make it out alive? He just has to believe….

King Creosote ft. John Hopkins – “Bats in the Attic”

There is a lack of bats in this video, but it sure captures the feeling of an attic. Dusty furniture and objects of the past loom in a dark forest, suspended in the air looking ghostly. The attic is a place where you put things away forever, and this must be what happens when their spirits or memories escape.

Ryan Adams – “Dirty Rain”

In an oddly lit, blown out video, Ryan Adams performs “Dirty Rain” acoustic. He closes his eyes and rocks back and forth so slowly it’s almost as though he’s in a trance. It’s reasons like this Adams is such a renowned songwriter and performer. Somehow, he always knows how to hit the right notes, and strike the right emotions.

Spank Rock – “#1 Hit”

Our protagonist in this video is crazy or at least he seems to think so. As he keeps glancing in mirrors, his reflection reveals a black man who desperately needs some dental work, singing that he can “make you famous.” It’s when this main character breaks the mirror though that the magic really starts going down.

Summadayz Colourfornia

The combination of Calvin Harris’ music and girls smothering themselves in paint is almost too much to ignore. The photography is crisp and sharp, the colors are spellbinding, and the women are absolutely gorgeous. This is what life is all about, the beautiful people getting dirty…or unique and colorful.