Video: Band of Horses kick it with Conan

If a child was born on May 18, 2010, then that child’s over a year old now. It might even be learning to walk. It might have even said its first word. That gives you some perspective on how long Band of Horses’ last LP has been out, simply because that aforementioned date is when it hit stores. Yet still the South Carolina indie folksters continue to support their third full-length LP, Infinite Arms. On Wednesday night, the troupe stopped by Conan to flesh out a live version of the titular track. Naturally, as is the case with a live show from the boys, Ben Bridwell and co. were in top form as their sweeping vocals danced with equally haunting guitars. Their album may be gathering dust by now, but boy does that whistling sound sharper than ever. Check out the clip courtesy of The Audio Perv.


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