Video: Beirut – “Santa Fe”

Photo by Debi Del Grande

A serious outfit known for making some complex music, Beirut didn’t strike us as the type of band to be humorous in a more traditional way. But in the video for “Santa Fe”, Zach Condon and Co. unveil a tragicomedy of love lost and found that had us legit LOLing. Filling the heartbreaking clip with lots of absurd, bizarre moments (’70s-inspired freeze poses, creepy cults, and an adorable dog that’s far too close to the stars of the vid), we’re impressed even if we’re not totally sure of the meaning behind it all. Even still, one defining theme is clear: Love is a trip, and Beirut songs are a great choice to chronicle the entire adventure. Check out the love story gone awry courtesy of The Guardian.

Beirut’s latest, The Rip Tide, is out now.


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