Weezer to read, host movie night, renew couples’ wedding vows on The Weezer Cruise

The concept of The Weezer Cruise, sailing the seas from January 19th through the 23rd 2012, was attractive from the get-go: a four-night cruise from Miami to Cozumel featuring performances from Weezer and a slew of indie favorites including Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Wavves, Ozma, and Yuck. Now, a boat load of new details have emerged, and this winter excursion is looking better than ever.

First on deck is the music schedule. The aforementioned acts, along with many others, will be playing various indoor and outdoor stages in rotation over the four days, assuring fans the opportunity to see each act on the lineup, or their favorite bands multiple times.

What’s more, the cruise’s hosts, Weezer, will be playing The Blue Album in its entirety on day one, and Pinkerton the next two days. Passengers will also be able to vote on the other songs played, and no rarity is off limits. Already confirmed to make appearances are the live premiere of the Death To False Metal track “Tragic Girl”, as well as the fist performance since 1997 of popular Blue Album B-side “Mykel and Carli”.

The Weezer fun will continue off the stages, as well. Frontman Rivers Cuomo will read selections from The Pinkerton Diaries, bassist Scott Shriner will be renewing couples’ wedding vows, guitarist Brian Bell will throw a midnight movie party in his pajamas, and drummer Pat Wilson will host a shuffleboard tournament. Other activities include cannonball and belly flop contests, “Weezer Team Trivia”, “Weezer Karaoke”, and other such nautical nonsense.

All this and you’ve still got access to the boat’s amenities, free food (24-hour room-service!), a day on the Mexican island of Cozumel, and more. To help get you and your friends on-board, a new four-pack pricing option has been set at $499 a head. Details on all the available packages, plus all other pertinent details, are on the event’s website. Below, you can check out the new Love Boat parody the band put together to celebrate the floating music festival.


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