Check Out: Superchunk – “Where Eagles Dare” (The Misfits cover)

Like punk cover band TV Casualty, North Carolina indie mainstays Superchunk seemingly associate a truly ghoulish Halloween with music by seminal horror punks The Misfits. Last year, the band offered up a treat over tricks with a free download of their cover of “Horror Business”. This year, the haul is just as sweet, with the band tackling “Where Eagles Dare”. Like the original, there’s a heavy, driving sound; unlike Glenn Danzig and company, though, Superchunk infuse their version with a gummy core of low-key nerdiness. Check it out below, then download your own copy here.

Superchunk- “Where Eagles Dare” (The Misfits cover)

For more Superchunk/Misfits fun, check out a 2010 live performance of “Horror Business” by the band and former Samhain (Danzig’s post-Misfits band) drummer London May.


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