Quoteworthy: Lana Del Rey explains name change

“It’s 2011, it’s not like I planned on erasing my history. I’ve been a pioneer of the Internet myself since a decade ago. I was just trying to create something sonically that I could aspire to. First of all, no one was even listening to me for ages, so I did whatever I wanted. I had no fans, the same bands I’ve talked to for five years, and all of a sudden, everything changed, and they were like, “You used to be like…” The point is, I know what I like and what to write about thematically and I have integrity in my musical choices and I’ve stuck to that and I think it’s a nice gift for me because I have stuck to my guns about what I want to hear sonically, so at least I’ve done that right.”

— The New York City songwriter born Lizzie Grant explains her Lana Del Rey moniker, and to a larger extent her authenticity, in an interview with GQ. The lengthy and rather fascinating sit-down also sees Grant discuss her early career struggles and ‘first album,’ her rapid rise to fame, and her upcoming Lana Del Rey full-length, which she said could be out by late January.


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