Top 10 mp3s of the Week (10/21)

It’s getting too late in the fall to pretend summer’s still here. I mean, it’s Halloween in 10 days, for hell’s sake. Doesn’t that depress you? Or at the very least make you feel very dark? Conor Oberst sings on the tragically unsung great Monsters of Folk, ”Everyone gets dark, and the worst part is the way those thoughts can please you.” And it’s true! There’s an almost masochistic satisfaction that comes along with dwelling in the dreary, and the feeling crosses over to music. Doesn’t it just feel great to listen to some heavy stuff when you’re feeling down? This week’s installment is a direct reflection of that idea. A soundtrack to match the setting, if you will.

In other (brighter) news, the lovely Harley Brown was nice enough to pinch hit for us this week in the absence of usual “Top 10” writer Jeremy Larson, who is currently in NYC taking CMJ by storm.

– Winston Robbins
Production Coordinator


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