Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/13)


c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/13)

It’s another week in the modern music world, and videos continue to drop like the leaves. Some of our favorite rappers put out some new visuals this week, some indie gems were able to shine through, and America’s favorite (not so) single lady, Beyonce, showed everyone that she’s still “a whole lot of woman.” Now that the internet has taken over the music video industry, we all don’t have to wait for a video to pop up during steady rotation. It’s available at the click of a button. And as always, we here at Cluster 1 want you to be able to stream them whenever you want, wherever you want. So keep tuning in, keep working to submit, and keep checking what’s hot in our top 10 videos of the week. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well! -Ted Maider

Beyonce – “Countdown”

Although it seems like conversation has moved on to Beyonce‘s pregnancy, she’s still promoting 4 with sweet and stylish music videos like “Countdown”. The song’s retro horns match the ’60s throwback visuals as Queen B sashes through a variety of classy outfits and energetic dance moves. It’s as full of sass and swagger, as if she’d give us any less. -Joe Marvilli

Cosmo Jarvis – “She Doesn’t Mind”

Some people are just too good to be true, literally. In the case of Cosmo Jarvis, it’s meeting a lovely woman who’s a trombonist, an accomplished author, multilingual, a genius, and a Noble laureate (for fixing global warming over breakfast). In “She Doesn’t Mind”, Jarvis confesses his love for this diamond of a lady to his parents, who understandably have a hard time believing him. -Joe Marvilli

Dirty Beaches – “Lone Runner”

This video: Whoa. Dirty Beaches is already a pretty down and grimey name for a band, but this clip takes it to another level. You’ll never be able to look at the holidays the same way again. -Ted Maider

DJ Shadow – “Border Crossing”

DJ Shadow has always been about gritty and harsh visuals to accompany his rare brand of trip-hop. Whether it’s the documentary Dark Days, or his music video for “Border Crossing”, it’s always very real and down-to-Earth. This video depicts three very hectic minutes in the lives of those crossing the border, and those who sign up to protect it. For both parties, it’s grueling, hot, and a fight for freedom. This must be as real as it gets. -Ted Maider

Evelyn Evelyn – “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn”

As a kid, did you ever create paintings in the fogged up car windows? It was a way to pass the time in the era before iPods and smart phones. Evelyn Evelyn’s latest music video uses groundbreaking animation techniques to tell the story found in Palmer’s lyrics with a simple finger drawing that spreads throughout door windows in the cold winter air. -Joe Marvilli

High Places – “Sophia”

High Places took the true independent route on their video for “Sophia”. They made it themselves and with what looks like no budget whatsoever. There’s only one shot, one location, and it sports quite a minimal cast. People dance chaotically in front of a window, while the room changes colors rhythmically. This, paired up with the haunting track, creates a very perplexing video. -Ted Maider

Kosha Dillz – “Sweatpants”

On an episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza brought up the topic of draping himself in velvet. Kosha Dillz, however, amplifies this idea. His video for “Sweatpants” could not be more literal. As the ladies told him to “make a song about sweatpants,” he also concocted (along with director Robbie Barclay) a video that looks as comfortable as it sounds. We all want to lie around in sweatpants all day, but Kosha Dillz gets paid to. -Ted Maider

Nas – “Nasty”

“You all ready to see Nasty Nas?” This video exclaims almost immediately. The answer is, “Yes.” Nasir Jones returns, almost 20 years after his debut, to show us he’s the nastiest New Yorker on the block. Don’t let the fancy booze and cigars fool you. Nas is still connected to his roots, which is evident as he walks through the streets of Queensbridge, exchanging high-fives and leading the pack. Life must be good for Nas, as it is after all, his next album title. -Ted Maider

Sin Fang – “Slowlights”

Sin Fang’s video is the classic case of one man against the world. But while this solo rebel may seem violent to some, there’s no denying the beauty he creates in an abandoned warehouse. All it takes is a strategically thrown Molotov cocktail to send up a vibrant wall of fire that shifts between enough colors to make 4th of July fireworks look like sepia by comparison. -Joe Marvilli

Welcome to Hoxford

Fan films based on comics often leave much to be desired. They usually include nothing more than a few cheap costumes and a thrown together story. Welcome to Hoxford is the polar opposite. This pro-grade film based on the Ben Templesmith comic uses stunning animation and visual imagery to tell the tale of the son of Zeus in the 21st century. Yeah, it’s as badass as it sounds. -Joe Marvilli