Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/27)


c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/27)

While you prepare for the invasion of costumed kids (and adults), sit back and take in Cluster 1’s best videos from the past week. We’ve got interviews, previews, creepy music videos, and, oh yeah, our excellent CMJ coverage. Take a seat, enjoy, and watch out for that sugar overload on Monday! Better yet, use that burst of energy to submit a video to us. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too! Happy Halloween!

Andrew Bird: Fever Year

Many artists have tried to film life on the road, particularly the rigors of touring. While they’ve had various levels of success, it’s doubtful that any could match Andrew Bird’s last tour experience. Filmed during his 2009 tour, Fever Year captures the singer/songwriter’s 165th and final show of the year. All of the time leading up to that last concert was spent with Bird suffering from a perpetual fever. Despite the challenges, he still crisscrossed the country with his beloved band members, embracing nature and stage alike, as long as he could. Xan Aranda’s documentary puts this sense of brotherhood on screen, embracing everything Andrew Bird is in a snapshot in time. -JM

Brown Shoe – “Late Nights”

Is it physically possible to say the word “dreams” without Inception being the first thought in your head? Maybe not, but the reference does fit a little with Brown Shoe’s latest music video. This Cluster 1 premiere features the band members facing their inner demons in their subconscious as they sleep. A large variety of psychological issues, dealing with everything from childhood to sex, is explored, but the answers aren’t on the surface. Just like real dreams, you need to look deeper to understand. -JM

CANT – “Believe”

With their latest video, CANT tests our thoughts on whether or not aliens are real. The music syncs up perfectly with a number of home videos that show alien-like activity taking place in the sky, whether it be lights, or hovering white discs. It just might be enough to make people believe in extraterrestrials. Do you believe? –TM

Cluster 1 goes to CMJ 2011

The CMJ Music Marathon has a different impact, depending on who you ask. For New Yorkers, it means the Village and Williamsburg…are still really crowded, so nothing’s changed there. For bands, it’s a chance to get recognition and momentum for upcoming projects. For music fans, it’s a bevy of musical possibilities that might include the next must-see act. For Cluster 1, we captured a whole bunch of interview footage with some names you may see more of the near future. Sami Jarroush spoke with The Stone Foxes, Caveman, Sleeper Agent, The Pass, and Vanaprasta about their experiences playing New York City’s annual extravaganza. Add this video with our CoSigned feature, and we’ve got your CMJ needs covered. -JM

Cluster 1 Hangout: Tristen and the Ringers

Recently, Tristen and the Ringers stopped by our Chicago studio to grace us with their presence and an intimate chat. The band performed their original track “Doomsday”, and then our own Nick Freed took them out for drinks at Black Rock Tavern. Over a couple of beers, Freed chats with the Nashville rockers about their recent mini tour (“It’s a weekender”), their experience at Ottawa Blues Festival (their stage collapsed after they left it), and their next LP. Be sure to hang out with Tristen and hear their stellar performance in the studio, only here on Cluster 1. –TM

Cut Copy Interview

Success is a finicky thing these days. Some find it on the internet, but others uncover it by touring constantly and working their way up the festival bill. Cut Copy has done the latter very well. Recently, Cluster 1 caught up with the Australian export in San Francisco and discussed the bonds of touring, the bands they’ve enjoyed this year, and the coffee that awaits them back home. It’s a wonderful thing to see the world, just ask these guys. –TM

Man Man – “Piranhas Club”

We are all pretty impressionable as children. We see something, we like it, and, naturally, we want to be it (in my case, it was Marty McFly). What Man Man has done visually with their video for ‘Piranhas Club” is absolutely astounding. One child goes from being John Travolta in Grease to Kiefer Sutherland in Stand By Me. It’s a real wild one. –TM

Sidewalk Hustle Presents the Drums in Toronto

Like us, Sidewalk Hustle is a music blog that gets the perks of meeting some of today’s coolest and most interesting bands. In Toronto, the bloggers hustled over to catch The Drums and chat with them on a few topics, namely what tracks they enjoy performing live, the responsibility of touring, and their latest LP, Portamento. –TM

Thomas Negovan – “Welcome to My Nightmare”

Thomas Negovan couldn’t have picked a better week to drop his video for this Alice Cooper Halloween cover. Extremely unsettling from beginning to end, “Welcome to My Nightmare” tells the story of a disciplined serial killer, completely at peace with what he does. All his actions are meticulous and seemingly emotionless. The violence is never shown on camera either. All we get are splashes of blood on the floor and the quick shadow of a killer claiming another victim. -JM

Wild Flag – “Electric Band”

With the World Series rapidly reaching its conclusion, Wild Flag decided to put together a little baseball game itself. This supergroup wasn’t going to face off with just any competitor though. They throw down with a team of bears. The match between these two groups is intense, coming down to the last out. Who wins the game? Watch and find out! -JM