Tricks or Treats: SALEM – "King Night"

I have to turn down a lot of social engagements this time of year, because, well, I can’t watch scary movies. But I also can’t tear my eyes away from previews for scary movies, which SALEM’s “King Night” video could easily pass for. Everything about SALEM, even the name, is creepy. The band adorns its albums with shadowy crosses and screen shots from The Blair Witch Project. Falling loosely into the “witch house” genre (along with artists like CREEP and oOoOO), “King Night”’s thrilling mashup of crunk synth leads, operatic singing, and a deep Slim Thug beat follows a semi down a dark, foggy New Jersey highway. The seemingly driverless truck passes a gruesome accident and winds up at a cemetery, of course; but it’s the grainy, flickering shots of a pit bull, truck stop hookers, and a murderous biker gang that really make my hair stand on end.


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