Video: Sting performs "Demolition Man" on Letterman

With some 25 years behind him, the music icon known as Sting is still going strong (all that tantric sex probably helped). After a star-studded 60th birthday concert, the former Police frontman continued his version of senior citizen free time with a stop last night (October 3rd) on the Late Show with David Letterman. Busting out “Demolition Man”, the whole performance exploded with a kind of giant-sized funk energy and a pseudo-revival vibe that brought the Ed Sullivan Theater to its knees. As it turns out, 60 just may be the new 30 after all. Check out the barnburner of a gig below.

Sting’s new retrospective, Sting: 25 Years, is available now. Thanks to The Audio Perv for video support.


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