Album Review: Moving Castles – Twin Daggers EP

Moving Castles‘ frontman John Eric wanted their DIY debut to sound like “a band playing in a room together with a lot of energy,” and does it ever. The pop punk force of Twin Daggers is unwavering, as infectious lyrics with instrumental kicks make for one memorable EP. Already having gained a solid fan base in their hometown of Austin, Moving Castles are poised for national appeal with five tracks thick with high energy and excitement.

Recorded on their own without help from an outside producer, the moments of imperfection were left intact, fitting perfectly with the spirit of Twin Daggers. A strong kick start comes in the way of opener “Black Dress”. Animated rings of guitar begin as energetic drums are slowly uncovered, keeping a rapid pace and upbeat nature that’s a welcome addition given the subject of the single, one-night stands. “Sick Girls” carries an early We Are Scientists vibe with clips of buzzed-out guitar and vigorous percussion while Eric sings of a love that’s “a torture to everyone you touch.”

It only makes sense that Andy Warhol receives a namesake with “Warhol”, as Moving Castles succeed at adding artful elements to their pop punk. The incorporation of lyrics ripe with imagery and personal anecdotes make Moving Castles more than just a feel-good outfit. “Warhol” takes stabs at their cultural surroundings, with a careful breakdown of guitar and harmonies. Closer “Hush My Bones” scales down from the rigorous punk that starts the recording in favor of drawn-out vocals and aggressive guitar riffs.

Twin Daggers is a very listenable EP charged with an unexpected attitude and personality. It gets in your head, but it’s such an enjoyable 40-minute ride that it’s unlikely you’ll mind.

Essential Tracks: “Sick Girls”, “Warhol”, and “Hush My Bones”


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