Audiography: Episode 017: "Miguel Lacsamana, Volta Bureau's DJ Micah Vellian"

This edition of Audiography features a profile of Miguel Lacsamana, a member of DC’s latest envelope-pushing group, Volta Bureau. Follow from his early days DJing to his experiments with angry, lo-fi electronic music to the present day as DJ Micah Vellian, producing tracks by artists such as Dmerit, Dream Cop, and musical partner Will Eastman. Listen in as Lacsamana talks about putting in his “10,000 Hours” and the art of deliberate practice.

For additional information and music, check out Lacsamana’s Facebook, Lacsamana’s Soundcloud, Dmerit’s Facebook, Dmerit’s Soundcloud, and Volta Bureau’s Web site.

Featured Music:
01. Person – “Business Class (Alex XXXChange/Spankrock Remix)”
02. Stamens & Pistils – “To That What We Might Belong”
03. The Cassettes – “Countach (Micah Vellian Remix)”
04. Will Eastman – “Feelin’ (Dmerit Remix)”

Audiography Episode 017 – “Miguel Lacsamana, Volta Bureau’s DJ Micah Vellian”
Written and Produced by Len Comaratta



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