Giveaway: Rush album print

While we normally suggest waiting until the end of an article to watch the featured video,  please play the trailing Neil Peart drum solo before continuing on to maximize your reading experience.

Later this month, the career of Canada’s legendary rockers, Rush, will be celebrated with the three-volume, 18-disc box set Sectors. To commemorate the release, CoS is giving away a very limited edition print, featuring the album covers of Caress of Steel, Exit…Stage Left, and A Show of Hands straight from the printer.

For your chance to win, simply “Like” us on Facebook and/or ”Follow” us on Twitter, then share why you love Rush in 10 words or less through our Facebook page or with the @coslive tag via Twitter. So something like, “Neil Peart solos before bed keep the nightmares away” would work just fine. A winner will be announced next week.

The Sectors box-set will be available November 21st via Mercury Records.


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