Giveaway: Smashing Pumpkins Deluxe Reissues + Exclusive Lithograph


smashingpumpkinsreissues2 Giveaway: Smashing Pumpkins Deluxe Reissues + Exclusive Lithograph

If you’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan, you’re probably aware that the band’s reissuing its first two albums: 1991’s Gish and 1993’s Siamese Dream. While standard issues of each reissue will be available for purchase, it’s really the two deluxe edition sets that whet the fan’s appetite. These suckers sport unreleased demos, alternate takes, rarities, exclusive photos, and live DVDs respective to each effort. It’s just the sort of thing you’d want under the Christmas tree, near the Menorah, or passed to you during a White Elephant. If you’re strapped for cash, however, you probably won’t want to swallow the (admittedly lean) $30 price tag.

But you’re a reader of Consequence of Sound– aren’t you? We’ve got you covered. We’re giving away not only the two deluxe reissues, but also an exclusive limited edition lithograph. Does that sound snazzy? Would that just make your week? Are these questions annoying you? Okay, good. Here’s how you can win. First, follow us on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook. Then, in the comments below, tell us your favorite post-Machina track. That means you’ll need to start relistening to Machina II, or Zeitgeist, or the band’s latest material. You could even sweeten your entry by offering the reasoning behind your choice. Deal? Deal. *

Contest ends Tuesday, November 29th. Good luck.

If you don’t win, you can pick up your own copies of Gish and Siamese Dream come November 29th via EMI.

* = U.S. residents only, please.

Official site:

Gish Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
Disc 1:
01. I am one
02. Siva
03. Rhinoceros
04. Bury me
05. Crush
06. Suffer
07. Snail
08. Tristessa
09. Window paine
10. Daydream

Disc 2:
01. Starla (2011 mix)
02. Siva (Peel session) *
03. Honeyspider (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)
04. Hippy Trippy (Crush Music Box demo)
05. Snail (live radio performance)
06. Plume (2011 mix)
07. Bury Me (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)
08. Daydream (Old House demo)
09. Tristessa (Sub Pop single / 2011 mix)
10. Girl Named Sandoz (Peel session) *
11. Jesus Is The Sun (Apartment demo)
12. Blue (Gish sessions demo)
13. Smiley (Gish sessions demo)
14. I Am One (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)
15. Seam (Suffer / Apartment demo)
16. La Dolly Vita (2011 mix)
17. Pulseczar (Gish sessions demo) *
18. Drown (alternate guitar solo)

* = All songs previously unreleased except where indicated

Live at The Metro, Chicago, IL 8/25/90
01. I am one
02. Snail
03. Rhinoceros
04. Bury Me
05. Tristessa
06. Window Paine
07. Razor
08. Sookie Sookie
09. Godzilla
10. Crush – Acoustic

Siamese Dream Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
Disc 1:
01. Cherub rock
02. Quiet
03. Today
04. Hummer
05. Rocket
06. Disarm
07. Soma
08. Geek U.S.A
09. Mayonaise
10. Spaceboy
11. Silverfuck
12. Sweet sweet
13. Luna

Disc 2:
01. Pissant (siamese sessions rough mix)
02. Siamese dream (broadway rehearsals demo)
03. STP (rehearsal demo)
04. Frail and bedazzled (soundworks demo)
05. Luna (apartment demo)
06. Quiet (bbc session/bc mix)
07. Moleasskiss (soundworks demo)
08. Hello kitty kat (soundworks demo)
09. Today (broadway rehearsal demo)
10. Never let me down again (bbc session) *
11. Apathy’s last kiss (siamese sessions rough mix)
12. Ache (silverfuck rehearsal demo)
13. U.S.A. (soundworks demo)
14. U.S.S.R. (soundworks demo)
15. Spaceboy (acoustic mix)
16. Rocket (rehearsal demo)
17. Disarm (acoustic mix)
18. Soma (instrumental mix)

* = All songs previously unreleased except where indicated

Live At The Metro, Chicago, 8/14/93
01. Rocket
02. Quiet
03. Today
04. Rhinoceros
05. Geek U.S.A.
06. Soma
07. I am one
08. Disarm
09. Spaceboy
10. Starla
11. Cherub rock
12. Bury me
13. Hummer
14. Siva
15. Mayonaise
16. Drown
17. Silverfuck