Nerdy Show debuts The Real Congregation

This past week, our friends at Nerdy Show added another podcast to their “Nerdy Showcase” roster, further satiating our deepest, pocket-protector wearing, geeked-out desires. Joining the all-gay, all-geek podcast Flame On!, is the music-focused creation of celebrated indie-rocker Marc with a C, entitled The Real Congregation. Launched two-years ago at WPRK in Winter Park, FL, The Real Congregation is a weekly journey into the recesses of the retro lo-fi loving, record geek’s music collection. The hour-long podcast has featured tracks ranging from The Dead Milkmen to Living Colour, Pink Floyd to Red Pony, Atom And His Package to Zappa and all points in between, plus there’s always plenty of insightful discussion and the occasional special guest.

“Season Two” of the series debuted over at Nerdy Show on Tuesday, November 8th, with new episodes available every Tuesday. The new season’s first episode dubbed “Wool Hat Optional” includes the insights of Nerdy Show co-founder and Cluster 1‘s Cap Blackard on issues such as the latest Beach Boy’s re-issue, Michael Nesmith, and Thomas Dolby’s new stuff. Check out the entire episode here, and subscribe to the show on iTunes.


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