Rae Spoon announces new album: I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets

Canadian country/folk artist Rae Spoon is readying the release of his next album, as Exclaim! points out. Due out January 12th via Saved By Radio, I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets is billed as the singer’s most electronically-tinged effort to date, with computer programming by Lesbians on Ecstasy’s Lynne T and Berlin’s Alexandre Decoupigny. However, lyrically, the material will still be your standard singer-songwriter fare, with tracks tackling “the complexity of grief”, according to Spoon, and the death of one of his close friends.

Check out the album’s tracklist below, followed by Rae Spoon’s recent appearance on our Cluster 1 series Feedback.

I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets Tracklist:
01. Ocean Blue
02. Crash Landing
03. I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets
04. When I Said There Was An End To Love I Was Lying
05. Are You Jealous Of The Dead
06. London Destroyer
07. Ghost Of A Boy
08. Promises
09. Ice Caps

Feedback Ep. 12 w/ Rae Spoon:


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