Stream: Feist's CBC 75th anniversary performance

In celebration of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s 75th anniversary, Amherst, Nova Scotia’s own Leslie Feist recently headlined a star-studded yet intimate performance at Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio. During the set, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, The Hidden Cameras’ Joel Gibb, Mocky, and more joined Feist as she made her way through tracks off her lastest LP Metals.

Beginning at 7pm ET tonight, CBC Radio 2 will be broadcasting a recording of the performance and you tune in here. Below, you’ll also find a few live clips from that same performance.

“Pink Moon”:

“Comfort Me”:

“Caught a Long Wind”:

A Commotion
Undiscovered First
How Come You Never Go There
The Bad in Each Other
The Circle Married The Line
Caught A Long Wind
Pine Moon
Don’t Make Me Wait
I’m Sorry
Bittersweet Melodies
The Wagoner’s Lad
I Feel It All
Service Bell
Cicadas and Gulls
Comfort Me
Get It Wrong, Get It Right

You and I
Islands in the Stream
Let It Die


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