Video: Feist performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Photograph courtesy of Brad Bretz

The once and indie caterpillar turned beautiful pop star butterfly Feist comma Leslie hopped up on the big Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage last night and performed “How Come You Never Go There” and “The Bad In Each Other”, two tracks from her latest album, Metals. Check out the video below.

Not that she looks bored with her own material at all, but lately the focus seems to be on her joy of collaborations. Ed Droste and Jeff Tweedy have already come under her spell, The Muppets fell for her, and now she’s got her sights set on Mastodon and The Flaming Lips. Though no pair may be as famous (or as lucrative) as her initial collaboration.

“How Come You Never Go There”:

“The Bad In Each Other”:


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