Album Review: KNIFIGHT – The End Is KNIFIGHT EP




The best way to describe The End Is KNIFIGHT is solid. It isn’t overwhelming or groundbreaking, but it is decent. It sticks in your brain, ever song is worth listening to way more than once, and the whole thing has been produced — by two of the band members, no less — to maximum effect.

And the effect? Of power. All four members of KNIFIGHT are credited with vocal performances here, and it feels like they’re all rallying round to deliver each track in the punchiest, most in-your-face way possible. The mix backs that up, synths pushing almost to peaking point on “Eva” and a shattering snare rattling over the other instruments during “Golden Night”.

Washing over those moments is the fertile perversion of pop. The End Is KNIFIGHT is certainly genre-compliant, sticking to the major key and songs that hinge on a strong chorus. Whether that means it’s synthpop, electropop, indie pop, or something else is perhaps more debatable — it floats around them all, and they all, in general, float around each other — but the EP is definitely for dancing and singing to. The anthemic “Slow Decay” is a perfect example of that. A direct “kick-snare-kick-snare” beat lays the foundations for euphoric guitar chords to be strummed on every beat. It’s easy to see where the comparisons to acts like Depeche Mode and Erasure come from.

The End Is KNIFIGHT is solid. When you’ve finished it, you’re not likely to think, “Hey, I loved track…”, but every time it goes on, you’ll be glad it did.

Essential Tracks: “Golden Night”