Album Review: Kid Savant – Drop It on the Stereo EP




Judging by Kid Savant‘s first two videos, from songs off debut EP Drop It on the Stereo, the band likes to drop stuff. For the song “4 Years”, they filmed themselves skydiving—suspended miles above the Arizona desert—with unlikely objects: a grand piano, an easy chair, a television, and a ficus tree that looks like it came from a dentist’s office. In the video for the EP’s title track, vocalist Ryan Weisberger dodges chaos on a city street before a car accident sends him flying. The camera takes in every nanosecond of the fall. It’s porn for slo-mo lovers.

In their music, too, the electro-indie band crystallizes that split second of airborne anticipation between dropped and smashed, between the fall and the impact. The best pop songs capitalize on the tension between a deep, earthy beat and an ethereal melody that floats above it, as on opening track “NaNa Never Ends”, a near-perfect little cream puff of a song. The lyrics, too, evoke that sense of time suspended: “I’m trapped in the heart of another song/Speaking the tongue of another one.”

The Brooklyn-via-Indianapolis group’s demo releases don’t match the punch of this new material. Their two-and-a-half years together seems like an awfully long time to squeeze out a five-track debut, but they’ve clearly worked thoughtfully and carefully through the creation of these well-produced songs. The title track slips a little when Weisberger commands the world to “slow the fuck down,” not a very poetic or even particularly pungent turn of phrase.

The band redeems with “4 Years”, a Cut Copy-like anthem. Weisberger’s voice strikes a balance between vulnerable and muscular, matched by the band’s transformation from a wavering mirage of synthesizer into a thick cloud of guitar and drums. He throws a full-bodied jerk into the climax: “Let’s let loose, let’s get loose and forget! Yah!”, and you can feel for a second what skydivers do just before they jump.

Essential Tracks: “NaNa Never Ends” and “4 Years”