Check Out: The Darcys – “Josie (Vol. 2)” (CoS Premiere)


josie vol 2 cover Check Out: The Darcys   Josie (Vol. 2) (CoS Premiere)

Though you may not think it at first, seventies jazz-rock pioneers Steely Dan are probably one of the hardest bands out there to cover. How difficult it is to do justice to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker’s zealous studio perfectionism and heavily layered sinister undertones. Yet that didn’t stop Toronto prog-rockers The Darcys from deciding to try and reinterpret the entirety of Steely Dan’s seminal 1977 album, Aja.

As we noted in yesterdays review of AJA, The Darcys “sonically unearth Steely Dan’s buried lyrical darkness” with their meticulously tuned noise that borders on Radiohead-like, and menacingly heavy instrumentation. Not without its missteps, the band’s modern interpretation still passes as an interesting and aesthetically refreshing effort.

Right now, you can get a taste of a version of Aja closer, “Josie”, that the The Darcys chose to leave on the studio floor. “Josie (Vol. 2)” takes Steely Dan’s lively ode to a fiery man-eater who returns to town after a long absence and fleshes out the darkness underneath. Check out the results below.

AJA is out today via Arts & Crafts.

The Darcys – “Josie (Vol. 2)”

AJA Tracklist:
01. Black Cow
02. Aja
03. Deacon Blues
04. Peg
05. Home At Last
06. I Got The News
07. Josie