The Mars Volta announces new album: Noctourniquet


mars volta The Mars Volta announces new album:  Noctourniquet

While Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López are reuniting with their At The Drive-In bandmates, the pair still found time to write and record a new Mars Volta album. The end result, entitled Noctourniquet, will hit stores on March 27th via Warner Bros.

The band’s sixth LP, the 13-track effort was written by Bixler-Zavala and Rodríguez-López and traces a narrative inspired by “disparate elements including ’80s UK alt-rockers The Godfathers, Superman comic nemesis Solomon Grundy and the Greek myth of Hyacinthus,” according to press for the album. Rodríguez-López handled production, while Juan Alderete de la Pena, Marcel Rodríguez-López, and Deantoni Parks filled out the rest of the band’s lineup.

Below, you can find recent live footage of the band performing three songs off the album, followed by the tracklist.



“Trinkets Pale of Moon”:

Noctourniquet Tracklist:
01. The Whip Hand
02. Aegis
03. Dyslexicion
04. Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound
05. The Malkin Jewel
06. Lapochka
07. In Absentia
08. Imago
09. Molochwalker
10. Trinkets Pale of Moon
11. Vedamalady
12. Noctourniquet
13. Zed and Two Naughts