Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)


mp3s 4 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2012 is the year of the dragon — the only creature on the zodiac wheel that isn’t even real. What does that mean? Will 2012 be filled with music grounded in fantasy and imagination? Or will it breathe fire and destroy tiny villages? Man, I don’t know — but this week’s picks are hot. Bronson spits over Phil Collins, there’s just a demo of The xx and of course it’s really good, and there’s a great new band called Conveyer who knows how to write one hell of of a song. Best foot forward, dragons.

-Jeremy D. Larson
Content Director

Action Bronson – “Contemporary Man”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

The only thing this track is missing is the radio static as someone switches between different “The Best Hits Of The 80’s, 90’s and Today!” stations. The track is lifted off Bronson’s forthcoming mixtape Blue Chips, and features samples from Charlie Sheen, Tom Petty, and fucking two Phil Collins tracks. It’d be completely clowning if Bronson didn’t spit his top-shelf allegro raps over it. -JL

Action Bronson – “Contemporary Man”

ASAP Rocky – “Pretty Flocko”

asap rocky Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

“It’s that trill-wave.” I can get behind that. SpaceGhostPurrp’s production on this track really finishes ahead of ASAP Rocky’s verse, but it’s a great club banger in the end. Would love to stop thinking about a morph of Joe Flacco and Waka Flocka Flame though. –JL

ASAP Rocky – “Pretty Flacko”

Busdriver – “Bon Bon Fire”

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

Anyone familiar with Busdriver won’t be shocked that he goes H.A.M. (if you’ll excuse the phrase) on his latest track “Bon Bon Fire”, but as a longtime fan, I can’t ever recall him rapping with such precision. This is a wholly re-vamped Busdriver. The L.A. ryhmemaster takes to the mic to point out the differences between your life and his – with himself emerging the victor, obviously. And really, it’s tough to counter arguments like “You read blogs, recycle cans/I scream calls for psycho fans” or “My lady friends remove their pants, your apartment: a dude ranch.”  This one’s got winner written all over it. –WR

Busdriver – “Bon Bon Fire”

Conveyer – Muckraker

 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

Songs where the vocal melody controls the tempo and rhythm of the song are cool. The entire chamber-pop morsel is dictated by an off-kilter time-signature that bounces along like a can leashed behind a car. The final section of the song, however, throws the whole thing out the window and ends with a simple, gentle, acoustic refrain. This is the kind of songwriting that makes me look forward to a band’s career. -JL

Cursive – “The Sun and Moon”

cursivetn Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

Over the years Saddleback mainstay Cursive has burrowed a pretty comfortable niche for themselves as the dark, contemplative step-brother to the happy-go-lucky early 00’s indie movement. As that movement dissipated, they’ve remained steadfast in their structure – which is what makes this track so interesting. Sonically, “The Sun and Moon” is a much brighter piece than what we’ve become so accustomed to hearing. The peppy percussion and jarring guitar lay as the pristine backdrop for Tim Kasher’s vocals which are also quite a bit brighter, but no less pensive. When I Am Gemini drops on February 21st, it’ll be interesting to see if Cursive has adopted this new sheen as a permanent addition to their ethic. –WR

Memoryhouse – “This Will Be Our Year” (The Zombies cover)

memoryhouse 2012 Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

I really try not to get romantic about emerging indie bands covering some of my personal favorite unheralded classics, but it’s hard not to when they’re this enthralling. Even if you aren’t familiar with the original (if this is the case, I highly suggest immediate familiarization), this track will have no trouble winning your heart; it’s a cover that stands its ground and then some. Memoryhouse takes the psychedelic pop of The Zombies and places it in their spectral realm, making for a dreamy track with just the right amount of throwback respect to the original. -WR

Memoryhouse “This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies Cover)”

Frank Ocean – “4 Tears”

frank ocean best seller Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

After the hypewave surrounding OFWGKTA has (finally) subsided, and his phenomenal contributions to 2011’s massive Watch The Throne are written in the sands of time, it’s finally time for Frank Ocean to step up to the plate and show the world what he’s made of with a legitimate debut album. The outcome is fairly predictable, given his success with the aforementioned projects and his impeccable Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape, but it will be fascinating to see where the young crooner takes his budding career. “4 Tears” is one of the few tracks we’ve heard that may or may not be appearing on his future record, but whether it makes the cut or not, it’s profoundly encouraging – even in its brevity. -WR

The Quiet Americans – “Weird Medicine”

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Bathe me forever in noise and let me drown under walls of guitar. In the garage, let the feedback cleanse my soul and let me be comforted by two chords and two chords only. These are my prayers and The Quiet Americans were listening. Grab their EP Medicine from their Bandcamp page-JL

The Quiet Americans – “Weird Mountains”

The xx – “Open Eyes”

xx Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

Since making massive waves in 2010, The xx has been starkly quiet, save for bandmember Jamie xx’s interesting contributions in random places throughout the music world. Currently, the band is hard at work recording the follow-up to an impeccable debut, but there’s been little proof until now. “Open Eyes” is faint, it’s rough, and it’s definitely a work in progress (it is labeled as a demo), but it’s tangible evidence that The xx aren’t quite done rocking in the free world, which should come as wonderful news to all our readers.-WR

The xx – Open Eyes (Demo)

Zola Jesus – “In Your Nature” (David Lynch Remix)

header Top 10 mp3s of the Week (1/6)

No one is quite sure where David Lynch lives, mentally speaking. Musically, he seems to vacation in the 80’s, obsessed with dripping synths and “future” sounds of the past. Without going too far to the fringe, Lynch wrings more melodrama out of the original into a more straightforward approach. It’s like the Straight Story of remixes. -JL