Check Out: Vanaprasta – “Come On” (Effie House version) (CoS Premiere)


effie house sessions 1024x1024 Check Out: Vanaprasta   Come On (Effie House version) (CoS Premiere)

In April, Los Angeles indie rockers Vanaprasta will return with Effie House Sessions, a new five-track EP featuring reimagined, semi-acoustic versions of tracks from their 2011 debut, Healthy Geometry. The EP was recorded in December at the eponymous studio in LA’s Silverlake district with producer Dave Schiffman.

Among the cuts that made the final tracklist is the once anthemic “Come On”. The new version features a slow, methodical pacing, laid out in part thanks to a heavy, somber piano line and punctuated with sorrowful horns. Perpetuating that air of forlorn, singer Steven Wilkin delivers a vocal performance brimming with depth and emotional range. Enjoy this tune over a glass of gin alone at your kitchen table.

Vanaprasta – “Come On” (Effie House version)

The entire EP is streaming for the next month at SpotifyEffie House Sessions will be available through most digital vendors in April.

Effie House Sessions Tracklist:
01. Supernumerary
02. Color of Sin
03. Healthy Geometry
04. Come on
05. Nine Equals Nine