Video: Soso feat. KRIGET – “My Women, My Guitars” (Cody ChesnuTT cover) (CoS Premiere)

Countless music loving fans grew up singing and dancing to their favorite tunes in their bedrooms, utilizing hairbrush microphones or lamp guitars (or perhaps that was just us?) Swedish pop singer Sophia Somajo (aka Soso) probably did too, and she’s recreated the experience in her music video for the Cody ChesnuTT cover “My Women, My Guitars”. What was once a shameful activity done with locked doors sees Somajo invite a whole backing band (guest stars KRIGET) to rock and roll and romp about literally on top of her bed, trading the dorky energy formerly associated with the act for an air of playful sexuality. Study up on new moves for your next “concert” by watching below.

Soso’s debut album, That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China, hits stores on May 1st. Coincidentally, it was written and recorded in her bedroom.


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