OM announces new album: Advaitic Songs

OM, the doom-metal project of former Sleep members Al Cisneros and Emil Amos, will return on July 24th with their fifth LP, Advaitic Songs. 

According to the the band’s label, Drag City, the five-song effort “maintains the singularity of purpose that informs the core sound of OM, yet every element reaches further than before. Whatever drone-doom genre that had been hoisted on the duo in years past has been decimated by the sheer imagination, expansive quality, and meticulously detailed arrangements of this new album.”

Below, you can find a trailer for the album, along with its tracklist.

Advaitic Songs Tracklist:
01. Addis
02. State of Non-Return
03. Gethsemane
04. Sinai
05 Haqq al-Yaqin


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