Record Store Day Guide 2012


record store day feat Record Store Day Guide 2012

It’s a holiday celebrated by few, but those few treat it like Christmas morning. In fact, some might consider it better than Christmas morning: Record Store Day. Since its inception in 2007, countless vinyl enthusiasts have woken up – on Saturday morning, no less – to patrol the streets in their pajamas, eventually taking up real estate outside their favorite record store, all in the hopes that they’ll snag priceless soon-to-be artifacts that, more or less, give them bragging rights. It’s relentless, it’s addicting, but it’s pastime.

Consequence of Sound looks forward to the third Saturday in April each year. It’s a holy tradition that we hope will continue for years and years on out. It’s also slightly arduous. Every new Record Store Day offers more exclusives, more variety, and more choices. It’s a daunting task to assemble even our own personal shopping lists, let alone a complete guide. Fortunately, we’re not the only experts on this matter, so we decided to turn the tables some. We asked 38 artists what their personal pick this year was, slapped all the responses together, and labeled it a guide – voila. Our advice is as follows: Read, take some notes, but be nice to your wallet.

See you Saturday.

lee scratch perry box Record Store Day Guide 2012

 Lee “Scratch” Perry - Blackboard Jungle Dub box set

Ane Brun

Record: Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (Vinyl reissue)

Why: The energy and the bounce in this music and in Little Richard’s voice is irresistible. I love the touch of distortion in his singing and his way of attacking every line and word. I’ll play it loud, and it will keep me on my feet for hours. Little Richard on vinyl is a necessity.

Atari Teenage Riot  (Alec Empire)

Record: Lee “Scratch” Perry – Blackboard Jungle Dub (Limited edition 3 x 10″ vinyl box)

Why: Lee Scratch Perry basically invented the way I approach the mixing desk more as an instrument than a mixing desk. His approaches to mixes and dub were so influential when I was a kid. I thought I choose this because it might not be that logical to outsiders that his influence went way, way further than the genre reggae or dub.

I shared the stage with him a few times and his aura is so strong!!! We NEED people like him who risk everything and go against the norm. Or music stands still. This album is a masterpiece. I already have it but love the feeling of getting even another pressing of it in that format. Also… this album explains why vinyl will always sound more physical and more intense than MP3’s… so guys, we had a shit decade of all that digital junk, let’s move forward and listen to vinyl. Thank you.

Avan Lava

Record: Afrika Bambaataa/MC5 – “Kick Out The Jams” (7″ white vinyl with splatter, limited to 5,000 copies)

Why: One of the founders of hip-hop covering a quintessential song by one of the founders of punk? Sign us up! Most people don’t realize how close these worlds were in the ’80s. MC battles often featured beats by The Clash and Aerosmith long before Run DMC’s cover of “Walk This Way” came out. We love how a beat can make you move regardless of what genre it is.

Bear In Heaven (Adam Wills)

Record: Captain Beefheart – “Diddy Wah Diddy” (Gatefold 7″)

Why: So. When I was 13yrs old I found a copy of Captain Beefheart’s Clearspot & Spotlight Kid on CD in the dollar bin at the mall. Not knowing who or what Captain Beefheart was, I bought the record simply for its comedic cover. Funny lookin’ Don Van Vliet in a funky tuxedo in an alley, wait til my friends see this… Well, that record changed my life. Those 20+ tracks opened my entire musical brain open and from Beefheart I began to learn about how art and music intersect. Looks like there’s a Captain Beefheart “Diddy Wah Diddy” 7″ coming out on RSD 2012. Even from beyond the grave, my money is that this is still the most inventive and challenging music around.


Record: Gene Clark – “One In A Hundred” / “She’s The Kind Of Girl” (7″ vinyl, limited to 2,360 copies)

Why: Gene is our guy. His record “No Other” has been a staple in the van since the very earliest days of our band. Believe this release has only been available in Holland for a long while, and it’s from that strange period when Gene replaced Gram Parsons in the Flying Burrito Bros, so the Burritos are backing him here. Gene Clark is just a really rare one, not the kind of songwriter you come across very often — he always brings a lot to the table.

flaming lips rsd Record Store Day Guide 2012

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends vinyl

The Darcys (Jason Couse)

Record: The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2 x LP, custom jackets, limited to 10,000 copies)

Why: Whether or not my copy ends up having Wayne Coyne & friends’ blood infused into the disc, I appreciate the sentiment. The Flaming Lips have always represented a seemingly life-threatening work ethic, which makes everything they touch worth listening to and looking at. Beyond that I couldn’t be more curious about what an Erykah Badu, Biz Markie, or Nick Cave collaboration might actually sound like. This is as much about supporting the Lips as it is about backing crazy people who are constantly driven to take things all the way.

Dent May

Record: Shuggie Otis – “Inspiration Information” (7″ colored vinyl, limited to 1,350 copies)

Why: Shuggie was once in a band called Snatch & The Poontangs with his dad Johnny Otis, and he disappeared forever after releasing the perfect homemade psych funk LP “Inspiration Information” in 1974. This comes with an unreleased b-side called “Magic,” and it’s on purple vinyl, so that’s about all you need to know.

The Dig

Record: T. Rex – Electric Warrior (6 x 7″ box set, limited to 2,825 copies)

Why: Electric Warrior is a band favorite and is a major influence on our music. Two years ago we were on tour with our good friends Portugual. The Man and while passing through a secluded part of Texas on our way to Dallas we naively decided to take a pit stop at a little hole in the wall bar. We walked in and immediately stood out four skinny Yankees amongst bearded barbarians. It was a tense situation to say the least. I walked over to the jukebox and standing over my shoulder was one of the sweaty man-eating barbarians. I decided to play Jeepster and I think that’s what saved our lives! Can’t wait to snag the new box set on vinyl for Record Store Day. Who needs TV when you got T-Rex?!

Dot Hacker

Record: The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. (12″ vinyl, limited to 500 copies)

Why: In perusing the impressive list of releases coming out on this year’s vinyl holiday, this curiosity seems to particularly embody the spirit of the occasion. Here we have two of our most idiosyncratic and legit guitar cult leaders joining forces for a special fleeting moment, preserved in amber and made scarcely available for the sleuths and fanatics to uncover and revel in. Not even Gozer the Gozerian would stand a chance when J. Mascis and Brett Netson cross their streams, so this promises to be a worthy listen. With the Pretty In Pink soundtrack on pink vinyl a close runner-up, this is Dot Hacker’s #1 choice for Record Store Day 2012.


Record: Paul Simon – Graceland 25th Anniversary (Vinyl edition)

Why: This record has had a BIG influence on all of us over the years…and what better way to usher in the spring time patio season than with this sunshiny record?! Best enjoyed with a Michelada in hand!

devo 1981 Record Store Day Guide 2012

Devo - Live in Seattle 1981 vinyl

Escort (Eugene Cho)

Record: Devo – Live in Seattle 1981 (2 x LP, limited to 2,000 copies)

Why: They still kill it live today and a show recorded at the height of their popularity has got to be electric. The crazy outfits, their weird brand of funk, and the fact that can really play their instruments all adds up to something so uptight and super calculated in the best possible way.

Eternal Summers (Nicole Yun)

Record: The Clash – “London Calling” 2012 Edition (7″ vinyl, limited to 4,900 copies)

Why: The Clash were pretty huge for me growing up. A very influential teacher in my high school gave several of us students mixes with Gang of Four, the Clash, Roxy Music and Sinead O’Connor on them, changing my life forever! The “London Calling” 7″ I am sure will just be a tool for me to geek out privately as I channel my inner Strummer, which I do several times a day as is!

Girl in a Coma

Record: The Pharcyde – Bizzarre Ride II The Pharcyde: The Singles Collection (7 x 7″, double CD box set)

Why: We are HUGE Pharcyde fans. It’s just really good, smart hip hop. We’ve been looking for Pharcyde vinyl and this is definitely a must buy for the three of us!

Hollis Brown

Record: Gary Clark Jr. – Gary Clark Jr. Presents HWUL Raw Cuts Vol. 1 (12″ vinyl, limited to 3,000 copies)

Why: Our pick is the Gary Clark Jr record, because it’s the one thing on the list that not one member has heard, but every single member would be excited to check out. We are dysfunctional that way. Plus it’s a new take on authentic blues, which is important to both preserving and reinventing the culture.

Hope For Agoldensummer (Claire Campbell)

Record: Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (Vinyl reissue)

Why: Little Richard is from our home state of Georgia, and we learned at an early age that if you want to get the party started, you put on a Little Richard album. Mere humans ain’t equipped to resist the Liberace of Soul blasting on a stereo. So, don’t even try, just buy.

david bowie starman e1334771391936 Record Store Day Guide 2012

David Bowie – “Starman” 7″ picture disc

Hoots and Hellmouth (Sean Hoots)

Record: Animal Collective – Transverse Temporal Gyrus (12″ vinyl, limited to 3,200 copies)

Why: The AC kingdom long-established at the crossroads of mind-expanding music and art is about to expand with a triumphant new addition. I am positively giddy with anticipation. Culled from music written and “performed” expressly for an art installation at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC (in cahoots with visual mastermind Danny Perez), this collection will surely occupy, and subsequently blow to smithereens, my personal headspace. Add to that experience a new website that will attempt to integrate the structure and visuals from the Guggenheim installation, and I’ve got my next several psycho-nautic adventures already mapped out for me.

The Hundred in the Hands

Record: Oberhofer – “Away Frm U” (7″ vinyl, limited to 500 copies)

Why: We’ve been big fans since playing one of our first shows with him in Brooklyn. We interviewed him shortly after and have been itching for his full length. Smart, romantic, and full of optimism. Buy, buy, buy.

Housse De Racket

Record: David Bowie – “Starman” (7″ picture disc, limited to 2,000 copies)

Why: David Bowie has always been a huge influence on us. His creativity and ability to reborn on each album is beyond everything.The all times classic “Starman” from Ziggy Stardust has all the keys that make a David Bowie song special. Glam at his peak.


Record: Diva Dompe – “Cyborg Sweetie” (7″ vinyl, limited to 100 copies)

Why: Diva’s a homie of the Stones Throw family I’m a part of. She’s super cool and a super cutie with monster bass skills. I’ve only heard an album she put out called The Glitter End – which was rad – so I’m keen to pick up this new 7″. I believe she’s played in a few bands before and her dad played in Bauhaus – which is also pretty rad. Her live show consists of quite a bit of sultry theatrical and dance elements. Should definitely check out.

Jukebox the Ghost (Tommy Siegel)

Record: Deerhoof/of Montreal – “Stygian x Bisection” (7″ vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies

Why: Even people who are in bands themselves are allowed to be borderline-creepy uber-fans of other bands. That band, for me, is Deerhoof — the only band whose entire vinyl discography I own. Though we played seven of our own shows at SXSW a few weeks ago, I had to make time to see Deerhoof’s first appearance at the festival. I caught two shows of theirs in between our own, got my copies of Reveille and The Runners Four signed, and probably creeped them out a little after mentioning the four shows of theirs I saw last year. I have no idea what this new release is (I dig Of Montreal a lot as well), but I clearly have to buy it. It would be crazy not to, right?

Jukebox the Ghost will release their covers of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever” and New Order’s “Temptation” for Record Store Day. Limited to 500 copies, the 7″ features hand-drawn sleeves by the band, and 10 of them will include “Golden Tickets” entitling the holder to a free copy of the band’s new album Safe Travels.

respect vinyl e1334771628582 Record Store Day Guide 2012

Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding – “Respect” 7″ gold vinyl

Kelli Scarr

Record: Shuggie Otis – “Inspiration Information” (7″ colored vinyl, limited to 1,350 copies)

Why: It’s the kind of record you want to make out to. So you put it on and start swapping spit. Then you have to stop because you are laughing too hard. It’s THAT sexy.

Midnight Magic

Record: Shuggie Otis – “Inspiration Information” (7″ colored vinyl, limited to 1,350 copies)

Why: Shuggie Otis is a sick musician with an amazing voice. Props to David Byrne for the Luka Bop re-issue of “Inspiration Information” –it reintroduced a classic to a whole new generation of fans.

The Mynabirds (Laura Burhenn)

Record: The Mynah Byrds – “It’s My Time” / “Go On And Cry” (7″ vinyl, limited to 700 copies)

Why: Our pick would clearly be the original Mynah Birds’ 7″. I’d like to think that our homage to/thieving of their name helped aid a revival!

The Mynabirds will release the title track from their upcoming album, GENERALS, for Record Store Day. The 7” features silk screened sleeves that are hand stray painted and numbered by band leader Laura Burhenn. The covers are available in 5 different paint colors and limited to 1,000 copies on black vinyl.

Parlovr (Jeremy Maccuish)

Record: Mississippi John Hurt – Last Sessions (Vinyl edition, limited to 1,000 copies)

Why: Mississippi John Hurt’s Last Sessions has some particular resonance for us. Last month we drove from Montreal to Austin and back to play a festival. Our van failed us for a couple of hours while still in Texas, so we drove through a chunk of the next night to make up time. Flipping radio stations in Tennessee, Alex and I finally found something we both liked. We took turns guessing who it might be – it turned out to be Mississippi John Hurt, to whom a radio host was devoting his whole show. Spooky and ancient, pure, great lyrics and great songs. To me, his music is an appropriate soundtrack for that vast section of America that somehow seems older than the rest.


Record: Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubbies (Vinyl reissue, limited to 2,000 copies)

Why: The summer we met in 2005, we listened to a lot of Destroyer. His records were the perfect soundtrack for lazing about in the sun. We don’t always know what he’s talking about. It doesn’t matter though. His word choice, dynamic singing and distorted guitar lines make you feel a mix of nostalgia, longing and excitement. The nine-minute title track sweeps you up into a dream, that you don’t even notice its been playing for so long.

Punches (Darin Bresnitz)

Record: Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding – “Respect” (7″ gold vinyl, limited to 5,000 copies)

Why: One of our favorite classic stompers, this soul favorite is sure to get any dance floor packed. We love both of these versions, Aretha’s for her “take no shit from no man” attitude and Otis’s for his “please, baby, please” crooning about trying to treat his woman right. Pick your favorite or play them both, we don’t care, we just know that this is 7″ of soul gold.

odd future of tapes 2 Record Store Day Guide 2012

Odd Future - The OF Tape Vol. 2

The Spring Standards

Record: Jukebox the Ghost – “I Love You Always Forever” (RSD only 7″, limited to 500 copies)

Why: Our must buy item this Record Store Day is definitely Jukebox The Ghost’s super limited edition 7″. With re-imaginings of Donna Lewis on one side and New Order on the other, it’s already a winner, but the bonus of the unique hand-drawn cover is really what makes it our top choice. These guys are some of the most talented musicians we’ve met, not to mention some of the best all-around people. The creativity, dedication, and insanity required to draw 500 individual covers really sums up why every audience that sees them play falls in love with them.


Record: Odd Future – The OF Tape Vol. 2 (2 x LP edition)



Record: Lou Reed – Transformer (Vinyl reissue)

Why: It’s always been a favorite of mine, and I’m more of a full album kinda guy. There’s about 3 to 4 perfect songs on there, so to hell with a single.

Teen Daze

Record: Sigur Rós – Hvarf-Heim (2 x LP, colored vinyl, limited to 1,250 copies)

Why: My choice of this year’s Record Store Day releases is the vinyl release of Sigur Rós’ Hvarf-Heim. I’m currently writing this amidst my month-long tour of Europe, and this record is actually one that I’ve always associated with my experiences in this beautiful place. When I traveled Western Europe in 2008, I can remember listening to “Heim” while traveling on a bus through the French countryside. The beauty of the music paired with the beauty of the landscape is something that has always stuck with me, and listening to it now always take me back to that place. I’m a big vinyl fan, and having this release on wax will be a pretty huge get for me! I’m just hoping there’s a few copies at my local record shop when I get back from tour!

Terry Malts (Corey Cunningham)

Record: Pussy Galore – “Feel Good About Your Baby” (7″ vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies)

Why: Cool songs, cool cover, cool noise, cool title, cool band name- everything about this record is cool. The 7″ that started it all. This might just be the only time you see this one in a record store for less than eighty bucks.

Theresa Andersson

Record: Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding – “Respect” (7″ gold vinyl, limited to 5,000 copies)

Why: I pick Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding’s “Respect” for two reasons. First of all, what’s not to respect in these two great artists? I used to listen to Aretha as a little girl (my mom stored all her records in a red vinyl wrapped styrofoam cooler). Aretha’s records were some of my favorites. Also I can’t resist the gold colored vinyl.

unrest box Record Store Day Guide 2012

Unrest – Perfect Teeth vinyl box set


Record: Unrest – Perfect Teeth (6 x 7″ color vinyl box set w/ 24 page booklet, limited to 250 copies)

Why: Everyone in Violens is a huge Unrest fan. We grew up on their records–especially Perfect Teeth and Imperial f.f.r.r. 7 non-LP tracks and a rainbow of vinyl sounds like a definite must!

We Are Serenades (Adam Olenius)

Record: Ingrid – Volume 1

Why: I want to recommend the Swedish new label Ingrids first compilation Ingrid – Volume 1. It’s run by music colleagues of mine from Stockholm, Lykke Li, PB&J and Miike Snow. I especially like John’s (of PB&J) new project Hortlax Cobra. It’s fast and furious.

Wintersleep (Paul Murphy)

Record: Richard Thompson – “Haul Me Up” (45 RPM picture disc, limited to 1,750 copies)

Why: Gotta choose Richard Thompson, though I haven’t heard this new one yet. Was listening to “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight” pretty heavily throughout the touring for the last record, New Inheritors, and into the recording process for “Hello Hum”. Really beautiful simple songs, and super interesting huge sounding but still pretty bare bones production. I love it.

Yellow Ostrich (Alex Schaaf)

Record: The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2 x LP, custom jackets, limited to 10,000 copies)

Why: I’ve waited my whole life for Ke$ha to do something with the Flaming Lips. I’ve tried telling her to do it before, but for some reason she didn’t listen until now.

Young Magic (Isssac Emmanual)

Record: Shabazz Palaces – Live at KEXP (12″ vinyl, limited to 1,200 copies)

Why: I’d pick up the Shabazz Palaces live 12”. Such a nice session, Butterfly in 2K mode and looking to the future, still some of the most interesting sounds to drop last year. A limited run on purple vinyl designed by our good friend, Leif Podhajsky, who also makes all the Young Magic art. I’d just have to add this LP to the collection. Shout out and much love Ish, much love Leif.


Record: David Bowie – “Starman” (7″ picture disc, limited to 2,000 copies)

Why: I don’t have this one in my collection and I like to get all the classics, including that “top of the pops” version. And David Bowie is the starman of the starmens; I would love to dress like him at these times, but unfortunately I’m too shy I guess.