Check Out: The Toxic Avenger – “3,2,1” (CoS Premiere)


the toxic avenger Check Out: The Toxic Avenger   3,2,1 (CoS Premiere)

French DJ/producer Simon Delacroix (AKA The Toxic Avenger) has been a regular around the remix circuit since 2007, working with everyone from Crystal Castles to Diplo. But this week, he’ll finally release his own LP, ANGST, and you can check out the album’s frightening first single below.

Delacroix takes his stage name from a 1984 cult horror flick, and it takes just one listen to “3,2,1” to realize how appropriate the moniker is. A wall of synthesizers pulse ominously like Justice running through a haunted house, all while a woman’s voice counts down from 10. It’s the track’s only vocals, but they’re incredibly effective. Like any good scary movie, it adds some devilishly fun suspense to an all-too-typical scenario.

The Toxic Avenger – “3, 2, 1”

ANGST Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Angst: One (feat. SomethingALaMode)
03. C.O.L.D. (feat. Bonjour Afrique)
04. Alien Summer (feat. Annie)
05. I’m Your Stalker (feat. Lexicon)
06. Angst: Two
07. Never Stop (feat. Robert Bruce)
08. NU 1553
09. 3, 2, 1 (feat. Heidi Cannon)
10. Angst: Three
11. Kate
12. ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off (feat. Messinian)
13. Pleurer Les Garçons (feat. Simone elle est bonne, Flairs)
14. Angst: Four
15. Outro