Top 10 Videos of the Week (5/24)


staticcloudf Top 10 Videos of the Week (5/24)

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” -Willy Wonka

Bruce Springsteen – “Rocky Ground”

Typical Springsteen images of urban decay and social struggle are given a new context behind the hip-hop flavor of Wrecking Ball‘s second single.

CHAPPO – “Hell No” (NSFW)

I would have loved to see the Craigslist casting call CHAPPO put out for this video.

Hot Chip – “Night and Day”

Now I know what all those trailers for Prometheus were missing – intergalactic dance competitions! Although supermodel Lara Stones isn’t exactly hard to look at either. Take note Ridley Scott for your next flick.

Light Asylum – “Heart of Dust”

Somebody better get these guys a towel.

OFF! – Live at Whiskey a Go Go

Here we have a rare two songs for one video deal. However, that’s easy to do when both of your songs as well as your pre-song banter only clock in at about 90 seconds.

Pop. 1280 – “Bodies in the Dunes”

This video loosely takes its inspiration from a Long Island serial killer, who killed prostitutes and dumped their bodies in, you guessed it, sand dunes by the beach. Not surprisingly, it’ll probably be one of the more morbid things you’ll see all week.

Sleigh Bells – “Demons”

It might be hard to tell amidst the shaky camera work and intense strobe lights, but this video actually features live footage from Sleigh Bells recent shows in Omaha, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Houston.

The Spring Standards – “Watch The Moon Disappear”

You’ve got to hand it to The Spring Standards. It’s not often that you discover an actual use for floppy discs in the year 2012.

Teen Daze – “Treten”

No, these aren’t outtakes from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it’s actual footage from a couple of marine documentaries shot back in the ’60s.

Tenacious D – “Low Hangin’ Fruit”

There’s not actually any nudity in the D’s latest video, but if any of this weeks selections deserves a NSFW stamp, it’s this one. Never in my life have I felt so bad for a piece of fruit.