Audiography: Episode 046: “Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween)”


On this edition of Audiography, we feature reviews of the latest albums by Twin Shadow and Baroness, as well as 50 Cent’s new mixtape. We also feature an interview between Consequence of Sound‘s Len Comaratta and Aaron Freeman, the artist formerly known as Gene Ween.

For almost 30 years Freeman, along with partner Mickey Melchiondo (a.k.a. Dean Ween), blended a penchant for experimentation with humor and satire. Upon exiting rehabilitation after an onstage breakdown in 2010, Freeman and longtime friend and producer Ben Vaughan joined up to begin work on Freeman’s solo project– an album covering the songs of poet and songwriter Rod McKuen.

Freeman strips down his style for Marvelous Clouds, his first “official” solo album. Gone are the crazy voices and goofy effects, and in their place is a gentle, warm voice, delicately singing along with acoustic instruments like celeste harps. We caught up with Freeman to discuss the new album, how McKuen himself felt about the project, and how he now aims to be a little lamer (but in a good way).

Featured Music:
01. Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds” (excerpt), “Golden Light” (excerpt)
02. Baroness – “Take My Bones Away” (excerpt); “Board Up the House” (excerpt)
03. 50 Cent – “Business Mind” (excerpt)
04. Ben Vaughan – “I Dig Your Wig” (excerpt)
05. Rod McKuen – “No Pictures Please”
06. Aaron Freeman – “The World I Used To Know” (excerpt)
07. Terry Jacks – “Season In the Sun” (excerpt)
08. Aaron Freeman – “Love’s Been Good To Me”, “Lonesome Cities”

Audiography Episode 046 – ”Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween)”
Written and Produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Adam Kivel, Jon Hadusek, Bryant Kitching, Mike Madden, and Nick Freed.


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