Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)


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“You are the music while the music lasts.” -T.S. Eliot

Cat Power – “Cherokee” (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

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“Cherokee”, the second single from Cat Power’s upcoming LP Sun(September 4th, via Matador) gets a spooky reworking courtesy of producer Nicolas Jaar. By replacing the piano and drums with organs and strings, Jaar shifts the mood entirely, creating spacious ambience. Chan Marshall’s pleas of, “Marry me, marry me to the sky,” are now drenched in reverb. Instead of addressing the listener directly, it sounds like she’s singing from a great distance, her words even more desperate than before. –Jon Hadusek

Matthew Dear – “Earthforms”

deareathformscover Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

Matthew Dear is the kind of guy who seems to have no respect for genre designations, and “Earthforms” is further proof. The second track released from his upcoming fifth album Beams (due August 28th from Ghostly International), the tune finds a multitude of vocal tracks crawling out of the rumbly dirt to deliver lines about how “it’s alright to be someone else sometimes.” The glitchy, stuttered fuzz and tin-can percussion of the opening have little to do with the droning garage rock in the bass line (which never quits), but the core of Dear clones hitting both bassy and falsetto tones in equal measure ties everything together hypnotically. –Adam Kivel

Evil Nine feat. Danny Brown – “The Black Brad Pitt”

dannybrown 8 3 2012 Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

Has it been about fifteen minutes since the last Danny Brown feature? Yeah? Well, then, it must be time for the Detroit MC to show up and drop some more intensely sexual and wacky verses, this time over a beat courtesy of veteran English breakbeat-ers Evil Nine. The heavy bass, chopped vocal samples, and horror soundtrack-style, spiderwebbing synth lines of “The Black Brad Pitt” provide a dark base from which Brown explains his prowess in the way only he can: “The laws of attraction say envision it and you’ll achieve it/So I’m trying to close my eyes to see a million bitches screaming.” A single featuring this track (backed with a remix from Gesaffelstein) could be yours on August 20th, thanks to Bromance Records. In the meantime, listen to it here. –Adam Kivel

The Fresh & Onlys – “Presence of Mind”

freshonlylsd Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

San Francisco garage outfit (how many amazing bands fit that label these days?) The Fresh & Onlys are set to release their fourth LP in four years Long Slow Dance (due September 4th from Mexican Summer). Thanks to an incredibly breezy guitar swoop and slithers of xylophone, their second single from that disc, “Presence of Mind”, hits a rather Smiths-y note. “Here lies a man/ with stars in his eyes,” Tim Cohen moans, lending that soft romanticism to a pure, floating pop tune. The Fresh & Onlys have never sounded this focused, and it works perfectly. –Adam Kivel

Mumford and Sons – “I Will Wait”

mumford and sons i will wait Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

Marcus Mumford won’t let his emotions get the better of him. “I will use my head alongside my heart,” he sings on “I Will Wait”, the latest cut from Mumford & Sons upcoming album Babel(out on September 20th via Glassnote). The British folkies have written quite a few of these thinking-man ballads, but it’s the intricate arrangement that makes this one stand out. During verses, the instrumentation bottoms out, relying solely on acoustic guitar and a simple drum beat. But then, suddenly, the song erupts with jangly banjos and horns while Mumford shouts the eponymous chorus. –Jon Hadusek

Stars – “Backlines”

starsnorthlargecover Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

Of the three tracks that Stars have previewed from their upcoming LP The North(coming September 4th via ATO Records), “Backlines” hits the hardest. Vocalist Amy Millan comes off as simultaneously cute and aggressive (a lot like Metric’s Emily Haines) when she sings, “Coming from the backlines/Crawling from the battle to the other side.” The guitar-driven tune is only two minutes in length, but the Canadian indie rockers end up cramming all kinds of textures (including synths, sweeping strings, and rattling drums) into the song’s climactic finale. –Jon Hadusek

Thee Oh Sees – “Flood’s New Light”

putrifiers Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

It was only a matter of time before Thee Oh Sees added a horn section. The rich baritone saxophone hits hard on “Flood’s New Light”, the second cut from their upcoming Putrifiers II (September 11th via In the Red), and the clap-along, wordless vocal chorus are begging for a beach party dance-fest. The swinging ’60s groove provides a nice counterpoint to the previously released “Lupine Dominus”, yet both remain anchored by John Dwyer’s infectious guitar riffs and Petey Dammit’s slinky bass. Dwyer’s manic genius never seems to quit, adding whatever new twist to their prolific merry-making they can manage, and the horns are a powerful choice.–Adam Kivel

Thee Oh Sees – “Flood’s New Light”

Wild Nothing – “Paradise”

wildnothinganimated Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

“Paradise” is the second track to be taken off of Wild Nothing’s sophomore album Nocturne(due August 28th from Captured Tracks) and its masterful understanding of the inner workings of ’80s pop proves the ambitions of Jack Tatum’s gauzy bedroom pop. After an intensely familiar build of sharp percussion and jangly guitars, Tatum works up to a dreamy bridge dripping with twisted vocals, blurry synths, and samples of what could be seagulls. “Velvet tongue so sweet/ say anything you like,” he croons, the song’s hopeful romance palpable in the music as well as the lyrics.–Adam Kivel

Wild Nothing – “Paradise”

Woods – “Size Meets the Sound”

 Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

If the Byrds were less competent at their instruments (or drunk and jamming in the garage), they might have written a song like “Size Meets the Sound”, the second preview track from Woods’ upcoming LP Bend Beyond (due September 18th via Woodsist). The hooky guitar leads and falsetto vocals are presented in shambles. Not that that’s a bad thing; Woods have six albums worth of this broken-and-pieced-back-together folk rock. Their songs thrive on being home-brewed and endearing, and “Size Meets the Sound” is no different.--Jon Hadusek

The xx – “Chained”

the xx coexisit Top mp3s of the Week (8/9)

The xx’s Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft are a perfect male-female vocalist duo; they both sing with such sensual warmth. On “Chained”, they’re a couple whose relationship has tarnished. “We used to be closer than this,” Croft admits. They’re drifting apart and they know it, with Sim rebutting, “Is it something you miss?” A pitter-patter beat and a brief guitar solo provide the minimalist soundtrack. “Chained” is the second strong single from what is shaping up to be an intriguing sophomore record in Coexist, out on September 11th via Young Turks.–Jon Hadusek