Album Review: Kreayshawn – Somethin ‘Bout Kreay




In May of 2011, “Gucci Gucci” introduced the world to a diminutive rapper sporting Minnie Mouse ears by the name of Kreayshawn. The video went viral almost immediately during what became the summer of #SWAG, and here was this young Bay Area rapper boasting that she’s so full of swag that her ovaries are pumping it. A year, several feuds, and a rumored seven figure deal later, Kreayshawn has readied her full length debut Somethin’ Bout Kreay, which should definitively answer whether or not such proclamations are justified or just talk.

What makes “Gucci Gucci” work is that it’s just so annoying, but unabashedly so. Those old versus new school beats and Kreayshawn’s flow come together for the kind of catchy that stays in your head whether you want it to or not — especially if the sentiment of the beholder is the latter. Like “Gucci Gucci”, the nonchalance in the face of haters anthem “Blasé Blasé” takes this brattiness to a fascinating and almost hypnotic level thanks to rhymes and snaps with a charm that belies their simple, playground nature. It’s not every day that A Pimp Named Slickback gets namedropped, after all.

The problem with Somethin’ Bout Kreay is that the record is inevitably one of novelty, and it wears thin fast. “Go Hard (La.La.La)”, for example, is the musical equivalent of a disappointing sequel, one that’s too familiar, calculated, and ultimately missing the spark. Take “Gucci Gucci”, replace Arby’s with a Forever 21, strip away any vocal melodies or synth hooks, and the end result is “Go Hard”. Those generic autotune ditties a la “luv haus” and “BFF” don’t help, either. The two tracks seem to embrace everything that’s wrong with current pop music than parody it.

By now, everyone that’s familiar with the mad world of Kreayshawn has become entrenched in feeling love or hate, with little middle ground being seized. Despite this, a blasé reaction here is the most appropriate one, because Somethin’ Bout Kreay isn’t remarkable enough to justify all the attention, nor is it the total trainwreck that detractors were anticipating.

Essential Tracks: “Gucci Gucci”, “Blasé Blasé”