Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)


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“You are the music while the music lasts.” -T.S. Eliot

Atoms for Peace – “Default”

atoms for peace hot Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

Radiohead acolytes, listen up: Thom Yorke’s other band, Atoms for Peace (not to mention Flea’s other band, along with Nigel Godrich, Joey Warkoner, and Mauro Refosco) has vowed that an album will be released in 2013. In the meantime, we’ve got the 12″ single “Default”, a glitchy, reverb-heavy cut that features (what else) Yorke’s vocals, front and center. Thick synths and snapping percussion back his off-kilter croons perfectly, pushing and pulling at the beat. The single is due in October, but you can grab it now on iTunes. -Adam Kivel

Ben Folds Five – “Erase Me”

ben folds five the sound of the life of the mind Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

“Erase Me”, the first official Ben Folds Five track in 13 years, is fuzzy and pissed off. Ben’s been dumped—“erased,” if you will—but he won’t let it go that easy. “Erase me/ what the fuck is this?/ You’re crazy/ turn around and in two weeks time replace me,” Folds rages while thrashing on his piano. He seethes with the anger of someone who’s being ignored, bashing the ivory as if to draw attention to himself. He’s succeeding. “Erase Me” is a remarkable track and possibly the angriest Ben Folds Five recording yet. Let’s hope the rest of their reunion LP, The Sounds of the Life of the Mind (out September 18th), is as passionate. Check it out here. -Jon Hadusek

Grizzly Bear – “Half Gate”

grizzly bear shields Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

Grizzly Bear stopped into BBC Radio 6, and while there performed a new song from their upcoming LP, Shields (due 9/18 from Warp Records). This live take on “Half Gate” is full of the Grizzly Bear signposts, notably sweetly strummed acoustic guitar, gorgeous multi-part vocals, and entrancing harmony. While the tune feels like running through the forest to some unknown destination, the fluttering percussion and lurching synths keep the track from bursting at its seams. -Adam Kivel

Julia Holter and Nite Jewel – “What We See”

hotlerdublabnitejewel Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

When Dublab decided to put together a compilation of LA artists, ambient songstress Julia Holter and electro singer Ramona Gonzalez (AKA Nite Jewel) decided to collaborate on “What We See”. The song’s true to each of their respective styles, featuring warbling synths, unassuming atmospherics, and occasional cymbal crashes. Holter and Gonzalez harmonize, but not perfectly; their voices seem slightly off from one another. It’s cold and unsettling, foreshadowing the looming winter ahead. “What We See” will be featured on Light from Los Angeles, due out some time in October. -Jon Hadusek

How to Dress Well – “& It Was You”

how to dress well total loss 1 e1342533384219 Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

A minimal arrangement of finger snaps and sparse percussion serves as the palette for Tom Krell’s falsetto on “& It Was You”, the latest track from How to Dress Well’s sophomore LP, Total Loss (out September 18th via Acéphale). Jodeci, Prince, Boyz II Men—the track evokes all of these fresh-voiced lovers with its simple, direct premise (“You don’t have to worry/ my love will be there for you”) and gorgeous harmonizing. Krell sings his own backing vocals under the melody, densely layering them for maximum effect. -Jon Hadusek

How To Dress Well – “& It Was U”

Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean – “Clique”

kanye jay z clique Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

Bringing together all three principles of the un-stoppable “Niggas in Paris” for a new track, and then adding Big Sean? Brilliant idea. The Hit-Boy produced “Clique” brings Kanye West and Jay-Z together again, and Hova’s got some pretty strong feelings about their success: “It’s the dream team/this the supreme team.” Sean’s equally confident, calling the crew “deeper than Wu Tang.” It’s looking like the cut might come from the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music album, Cruel Summer, and all of the clamoring for the final project amuses even Kanye: “everything I do need a news crew presence,” he grins in a self-aware moment. Barring any more delays, Cruel Summer should be available September 18th via Def Jam. -Adam Kivel

Liars – “Point Your Pistols to the Sigh”

 Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

Adult Swim’s Singles Program continues to bring excellent new tracks to the table, and this week it’s Liars’ turn. As if they hadn’t done enough this year (releasing one of the best albums of the year and in the band’s catalog in WIXIW), they’ve now given us the shuddering Atari technomare of “Point Your Pistols to the Sign”. Built on twitchy electronics and a sample of what well maybe Angus Andrew barking, the track drives on a Tron light cycle through a bleak, bombed out city. If you like your dancefloor full of sweaty, anxious revelers with insomnia-induced bags under their eyes, this is the track to get it started. -Adam Kivel

Liars – “Point Your Pistols to the Sigh”

Pet Shop Boys – “Leaving”

elysium artwork mf Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

Electro luminaries Pet Shop Boys preview a third track from their upcoming album, Elysium, with “Leaving”. To the pattering of a steady beat and a wash of synths, singer Neil Tennant copes with a lover’s departure: “I know enough’s enough/ and you’re leaving.” Pet Shop Boys have been crafting this kind of gentle synthpop for over 30 years, and “Leaving” proves that they’re still going strong. The album’s due September 18th from Astralwerks, and this minimalist track should keep the demand strong. -Jon Hadusek

Prince Sunarawma – “Irene”

pricnesunrama Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

When the droning minds behind Prince Rama and Sun Araw get together, you know you’re in for a long, blurry, haunting result. Known together as Prince Sunarawma, the two bands recorded the nearly 20 minutes of “Irene” as they were trapped in a New York apartment during last summer’s hurricane of that same name. The astral synth and tuned drum wonderland is said to be inspired by a movie called Joey (in which a young boy’s toy telephone receives phone calls from his dead father), and that certainly makes sense considering the eerie otherworldliness. While an LP would be great (fingers crossed), Prince Sunarawma currently plan on releasing the track as a 12″ single on September 10th, which you can pre-order here from Atelier Ciseaux. –Adam Kivel

Rihanna feat. ASAP Rocky – “Cockiness (Love It)” Remix

rihanna asap rocky Top mp3s of the Week (9/6)

So, Rihanna was “flirting” with ASAP Rocky at Coachella, and now there’s a remix of her song “Cockiness (Love It)” with verses from ASAP inserted. The collab gives Rihanna a subject for her raunchiness. When she repeats the refrain “I love it when you eat it,” we’re now given a lovely mental image of her singing that directly to ASAP himself, who counters with nuggets like “So much dick ridin’ that my cock hurt.” You call that flirting? Ha. I’ll leave these two lovebirds to their dirty pillow talk… -Jon Hadusek