Rdio Playlist: Other Lives


other lives Rdio Playlist: Other Lives

The Stillwater, OK quintet are riding the smooth waves of their latest release, Mind The Gap EPwhile still feeling the surge of opening for Radiohead on their latest tour. The band offers us a playlist of songs that kept them company on the road. From Tame Impala to studio-mates Tog, check out the feel of Other Lives’ lives on the road in the Rdio playlist below.

Other Lives

Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”
Warning: if you don’t want another song stuck in your head, stay away. This track jumped out of the speakers for me when I heard their new album lonerism. The bass work is lovely. The vocal melody is killer. This is a great all around tune.

The Ramones – “53rd and 3rd”
The majority of Other Lives will place the self titled Ramones record in their top 5 albums. “53rd and 3rd” was written by Dee Dee…it refers to what was a well known spot for male prostitution in New York City, known as the “The Loop”.

Nirvana – “School”
Because we are about to pull into Seattle and I’ve been listening to Bleach all day.

Broncho – “Try Me Out Sometime”
One of my favorite records of 2011 was “Can’t get past the lips” by Broncho. I saw them live in Oklahoma over our break from tour. Jesse got a Bill Lambeer jersey (that’s his favorite basketball player) and they put on a great show.

Jonsí & Alex – “Daniell in the Sea”
Over the last two years through all of the traveling, this one has been a go to for staying calm. This is off their record Riceboy Sleeps.

Lower Dens – “Alphabet Song”
I used to listen to Jana Hunter’s solo recordings. When her manager told me about her new band, I was excited to here every bit of it…

Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around”
Just a great tune.

Brian Eno – “Needles in the Camel’s Eye”
If you haven’t heard Here Come the Warm Jets you should listen front to back.l

Tog – “Colourmusic”
From their album My_____Is Pink. This track never gets old. We share a studio space in Stillwater, OK with this band.