Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)


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“You are the music while the music lasts.” -T.S. Eliot


The Coup feat. Das Racist & Killer Mike – “WAVIP”

coup bothercover 1024x1024 Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

While “wahvip” might be fun to say, the title of The Coup’s “WAVIP” stands for “We All VIP,” and the fuzzy, bass-grooved jam definitely features some important people. Das Racist’s Kool A.D. and Himanshu each take a verse, and Killer Mike adds his aggressive socio-political take (“ruthless as a Carnegie/ and we gonna bone thug til we get this shit in harmony”). Boots Riley’s anti-Grinch, pro-Molotov cocktail violence may sit at the center of the track, but it’s the always to-the-point Heems who gets the last word: “I’m pretty great/ you should be like me.” The infectious cut is the latest from Sorry to Bother You, due October 30th via ANTI-. -Adam Kivel

Holy Ghost! – “It Gets Dark”

holyghostdarkcover 1024x1024 Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

After the success of last year’s self-titled debut, disco-pop outfit Holy Ghost! took a year-long break from releasing new original material. But that ended with the release of the shiny, club friendly “It Gets Dark”. Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel are at it again, pumping out a beat that beats the spandex pants out of most everything you’ll hear in a club, squealing high-end and retro bass synth meeting in the middle as vocals about things falling apart push the drama. The 12″ single is available now from DFA. -Adam Kivel

Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle”

kendrick lamar good kid cover Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Kendrick Lamar is being serious, sarcastic, or satirical. On the latest good kid, m.A.A.d. city cut, “Backseat Freestyle”, he prays his “dick get big as the Eiffel Tower so” he “can fuck the world for 72 hours,” but then he spits a verse about how his girl’s fat ass causes him to prematurely ejaculate. Maybe it’s meant to be comedic (it probably is), but what’s intriguing about Lamar is how he switches lyrical tones on a dime. Those pornocore verses are bookended by poignant shouts of “Martin had a dream,” and Lamar switches to an angsty, aggressive cadence on the latter half of the track. The man has a lot on his mind, and although it’s not always delivered in a linear fashion, it makes his lyrics striking and spontaneous. The album’s October 22nd release date looms larger by the day. -Jon Hadusek

Lower – “Someone’s Got It In For Me”

 Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

Piercing guitars screech, whine and moan on “Someone’s Got It In For Me”, the latest single from Danish post-punk band Lower. It’s their first new music since this summer’s Walk on Heads EP, but this one’s darker and more paranoid than any of their past material. “Someone, someone’s got it in for me/ who, who won’t know,” frontman Adrian Toubro shouts amidst blast-beat drumming and blaring drones. The 7” vinyl is available for pre-order via Choas in Tejas and Escho. -Jon Hadusek

P.O.S. feat. Mike Mictlan – “Get Down”

posliveherecover Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

The arc-welder square-wave banger “Get Down” is the kind of track that sets the party ablaze rather than gets it started. P.O.S. smirks his way through an infectious track that displays some downright denial in favor of partying: “I don’t wanna think about it/ I just wanna get down.” Plus, he and fellow Doomtree member Mike Mictlan are conflicted about medication, okay with cursing, and down with comparing themselves to Uday Hussein (in terms of fun-intensity), all signs of a good time. Pissed Off Stef’s We Don’t Even Live Here infects your ears October 23rd via Rhymesayers Entertainment. -Adam Kivel

Ty Segall – “Femme Fatale”

velvet underground covers e1348090532476 Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

Ever the garage rock essentialist, Ty Segall added a cover of “Femme Fatale” to the upcoming The Velvet Underground & Nico by Castle Face And Friends (due November 6th from Universal Music and Castle Face Records). The disc’s collection of San Fran garage heavy-hitters covering the entirety of the famous VU album includes Segall’s amped-up take on the super-sedated original. The feedbacky guitars would likely find a soft spot with Reed and Co., but there’s no hint of Nico in Segall’s gritty yowl. -Adam Kivel

Ty Segall – “Femme Fatale” (Velvet Underground cover)

The So So Glos — “Son of Ambition”

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Ah, punk rock. Squeeling guitars that might or might not be in tune; four dudes shouting into the same microphone from varying distances; hooks smothered in chaotic fuzz and irreverence. New York quartet The So So Glos’ “Son of Ambition” is a trashy noise bomb straight from Big Apple’s grimiest alleyways and dingiest dive bars. Good luck making out any of the lyrics besides the titular chorus. The track comes as a preview of the band’s impending performance at CMJ and CoS’ October Party. -Jon Hadusek

The So So Glos – “Son of Ambition”

Kanye West — “White Dress”

Kanye.1.Fri  Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

Photo by Debi Del Grande

Whaddya know: it’s another track from RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists. Clearly, this soundtrack is full of heavy-hitting tracks, but Kanye West’s “White Dress” is a decidedly less violent song than some of its counterparts. It’s elegant, even. After a warbling synthesized intro, ‘Ye goes into full-on rhyme-slinger mode, sprinting through some of his tightest wordplay in recent memory about the infidelity and seductive lifestyle of the high culture. A tinkling piano provides a somber backdrop. The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack is out October 23rd via Soul Temple/STAX/Red, with the film to follow on November 2nd. -Jon Hadusek

Wu-Tang Clan feat. Kool G Rap — “Rivers of Blood”

the man with the iron firsts soundtrack Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)

“Rivers of Blood” is yet another aptly titled cut from the soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists, RZA’s directorial debut. This time, the Wu-Tang Clan is joined by hip-hop legend Kool G Rap for a glorious tale of deceit, ambush, and bloodshed. Guitar drones and a fractured horn section are forced into steady pulses (RZA’s really reaching back to that Liquid Swords aesthetic on this soundtrack), and the verses — per the usual — graphically illustrate what happens when you mess with a man and his samurai sword. Ghostface is especially sinister: “I watch your body rot to the bone structure/ scrape out your brain, watch your eye-balls rupture.” Naturally, these soundtrack songs have sparked interest in a proper Wu-Tang Clan release. RZA believes a reunion could happen, but only if he’s given complete control over the project. As always, The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack is out October 23rd via Soul Temple/STAX/Red, with the film to follow on November 2nd. -Jon Hadusek

Michael Zapruder – “Civics”

 Top mp3s of the Week (10/19)
Sure, David Berman retired the Silver Jews moniker a couple of years back, but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely left the music business. Avant-pop gadabout Michael Zapruder recorded a bite-size song written by Berman for his upcoming Pink Thunder (due October 16th via The Kora Records), and the brief tale of a missing court stenographer and a search party including a salesman from White Moon Insurance is the kind of gleeful sorta-twee oddity that Berman made his name on. The crooning backing choir, foot-stomping piano, and bouncing bass make this tiny track a pleasing morsel, but it’s that cliffhanging narrative that seals the deal. -Adam Kivel

Michael Zapruder – “Civics” (written by David Berman)