Album Review: Savoir Adore – Our Nature




When sleep-disorder-afflicted comedian Mike Birbiglia speaks of his inability to wake up in the morning, he refers to “Sleepy Carl”, a different person that enters his body and proves leaving bed nearly impossible with temptations like, “Why would you go out there when you could stay here and ride on a Ferris wheel made of pizza?” Although it lacks any talk of carnival rides made of food, Savoir Adore’s Our Nature acts as a synth-filled, indie-pop landscape for the likes of Sleepy Carl, as album opener “Dreams” “invites listeners into a magical dream world.”

This Brooklyn-based “fantasy pop” duo (Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro) has been using mythical settings for most of their band’s lifetime (five or so years). But Our Nature ties the song’s stories a little closer to earth while allowing the music to dreamily swirl its listener into reverie. On “Loveliest Creature”, the duo’s voices and harmonies bounce between one another proving to be their greatest strength, while Duro’s vocals ascend over their standard dainty croon to ensue crystal clear sultriness on “Wild Davie”. And thankfully, “Regalia” boasts ’80s synths with dance beats that save the album from some languid moments (“At The Same Time”, “Speed Bump”).

But tired tracks can be intentional, and Sleepy Carl is certainly getting the best of anyone who hears Muro singing, “I will wake you/ You can stay where you are” over Hammer’s soaring “whoah”s and the fuzzy guitar of “Dreamers.”

Essential Tracks: “Dreamers”, “Regalia”