Album Review: Teen Daze – The Inner Mansions




You don’t need to Google Teen Daze very deep to get the feeling that just by starting the project, Vancouver producer Jamison was playing with fire. For starters, he’s taken the stigmatic stance of actually being OK with “chillwave” as an apt descriptor for his sound, his moniker is a near-verbatim lift off an essential album to that movement, and, probably most suspiciously, The Inner Mansions is Teen Daze’s second LP of the year. Which, unless you believe Jamison already belongs to a class reserved for those who have proven their hold on the insane levels of talent and work ethic required to pull that off, would suggest bandwagoning.

You also don’t need to Google too deep to feel like he’s heard this all before, and yet here we are. Which offers two possibilities: that Teen Daze is actually a shameless trend-freeloader, or that he just really, really loves Beach House and couldn’t care less about who takes issue with his urge to fire up his synth and Macbook after hearing them. Mansions presents more evidence towards the latter.

At the very least, Mansions is certainly a very different record than All of Us, Together, Teen Daze’s first LP of this year. Jamison showcases an expanded toolbox and an improved command of his affect; the main point to that end is all the muffled vocals (Frankie Rose provides a gorgeous cameo on “Union”) that he clicks into place over his ambient house-leaning tracks, as opposed to the vocal-less …Together. It’s another sound defense of the gradually fading chillwave movement, but as far as offering anything new to it, Mansions mostly treads the beaten path.

Essential Tracks: “New Life”, “Union”