Audiography: Episode 064: “Bob van Heur (co-founder of Le Guess Who? Festival)”

On this edition of Audiography, we feature reviews of the latest from Umberto with Night Has a Thousand Screams, his score to a Spanish slasher film; Pop Levi’s latest, souring disappointment, Medicine; and the third album released this year by Guided By Voices, The Bears For Lunch. We also have an interview between Consequence of Sound’s Len Comaratta and Bob van Heur, co-founder of Le Guess Who?, one of Europe’s premier festivals favoring independent music and culture.

Over the five years of the festival’s existence it has grown tremendously. Centered at the city of Utrecht, Netherlands’ principle venue, Tivoli, Le Guess Who? spans outward throughout the city’s many venues, taking over the area of for four days at the end of November and beginning of December. The two discussed how the festival came to be, why they chose Utrecht, the scientific process that factors into how van Heur and company book the festival, as well as his love of Canadian rock bands.

Featured Music:
01 Umberto – “Boston 1942” (excerpt), “The Investigation” (excerpt)
02 Pop Levi – “Strawberry Shake” (excerpt), “Bye Byes” (excerpt)
03 Guided By Voices – “Hangover Child” (excerpt), “Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere” (excerpt)
04 Deerhoof – “We Do Parties” (Breakup Song)
05 Diiv – “How Long Have You Known” (Oshin)
06 Fuck Buttons – “Ribs Out” (Street Horrrsing)
07 Ty Segall – “Who Are You” (Twins)

Audiography: Episode 064: “Bob van Heur (co-founder of Le Guess Who? Festival)”
Written and produced by Len Comaratta, Alex Young, Jeremy D. Larson, Michael Roffman, Ben Kaye, Adam Kivel, Bryant Kitching, Justin Gerber, and Nick Freed.


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