Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted starts band


newsteadlogo Ex Metallica bassist Jason Newsted starts band

While Metallica’s busy starting their own label, promoting the Quebec Magnetic film, and skating around with Tony Hawk, former bassist Jason Newsted is also tackling new projects. Newsted recently started Newsted the band, and the outfit will release its four-song debut EP, Metal, on January 8th via iTunes.

For a taste of Newsted’s particular brand of metal, he’s let forth the EP opener “Soldierhead”. A mix between the aesthetics of Motorhead and Testament, it meets all the basic requirements for a truly metal anthem: drums like machine gun fire, a grungy guitar riff well-suited for headbangin’, and raspy vocals dripping with demonic angst. Stream it below.

Pre-orders for the Metal EP are available now (snag yours here). Each copy comes with a booklet of Newsted’s handwritten lyrics. A video for “Soldierhead” was shot last weekend for, so expect that to drop in the near future.

Speaking recently with New York’s Q104.3, Newsted hinted at a number of upcoming releases. “It took me 12 years to come back to earth, and here I am now. And my big, black boots are on the ground and I’m ready to go,” he explained.

Newsted added: “I have so much music from over the years. I have a bunch of new stuff, I have so many mixes of projects with people — new players, young players, old-school players like myself — so I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I wanna unleash on everybody first. That’s kind of what it’s coming down to — the timing of things and how I wanna hit people with it, and which stuff.”

Metal EP Tracklist:
01. Soldierhead
02. Godsnake
03. King Of The Underdogs
04. Skyscraper